• Banks hint at renewed rate war by Vernon Clement Jones | 23 Jul 2012

    Banks are tipping their hand as to just how much appetite they still have for mortgage lending, with RBC pointing to the continuing low-rate environment and the offset it provides households swimming in debt. read more

  • Broker warn clients about longer auto loan terms by Vernon Clement Jones | 23 Jul 2012

    More and more Canadians are extending the amortization on the car loans as a way of qualifying for bigger mortgages, according to a new survey from J.D. Power and Associates. read more

  • CIBC offers settlement to brokers by Vernon Clement Jones | 20 Jul 2012

    CIBC is now putting a formal settlement before FirstLine Brokers to compensate them for outstanding BasisPOINTS. read more

  • Mortgage rules stress need for stress-testing by Vernon Clement Jones | 19 Jul 2012

    A survey suggesting a significant rate hike would challenge half of Canadian homeowners may be a wake-up call for brokers encouraging clients to max out preapprovals. read more

  • Bank dissatisfaction benefits brokers by Vernon Clement Jones | 19 Jul 2012

    It’s one bit of news brokers are likely to capitalize on, with a new study suggesting customer satisfaction with the Big Five – from their mortgages to their rising fees to their brands – is on the decline. read more

  • Falling consumer debt challenges mortgage rules by Vernon Clement Jones | 19 Jul 2012

    A new Equifax report suggests Canadians began making real strides in cutting household debt before the new mortgage rules came into effect, raising concerns the government was too quick off the mark. read more

  • Brokerages extend their reach beyond mortgages by Nestor Arellano | 18 Jul 2012

    It's the ultimate in proactive thinking, with some mortgage brokers moving to diversify their product offerings outside of mortgages and ahead of a market slowdown. read more

  • BoC sends mixed messages to brokers by Vernon Clement Jones | 18 Jul 2012

    The Bank of Canada surprised absolutely no one in maintaining its overnight rate at 1% Tuesday, although it now suggests there may be little choice but to increase it in order to curb rising household debt. read more

  • Brokers scramble to cash in FirstLine incentives by Jamie Farshchi | 18 Jul 2012

    With just 12 days until Firstline bows out of the industry, brokers are still waiting on an announcement from CIBC on the fate of their POINTS and basisPOINTS accounts, with many now scrambling to cash them in. read more

  • Brokers laud MCAP’s hands-off approach to RMG by Nestor Arellano | 17 Jul 2012

    Brokers are applauding what appears to be MCAP’s decision to put its money where its mouth is – the lender adopting a largely hands-off approach to RMG’s product lineup and features that deviate from its own. read more