• MAC wins road rep defections by CMP | 13 Jun 2012

    What’s that, banker? The grass is greener on your side? Think again. read more

  • National rental vacancy rate falls by | 13 Jun 2012

    The rental market in Canada tightened slightly in April with the vacancy rate dropping and average rental rates increasing, according to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. read more

  • TD: Vancouver, T.O. housing correction on hold by Vernon Clement Jones | 12 Jun 2012

    Oh, brokers, the sky is still falling on Toronto and Vancouver housing markets, say TD economists in an update to an earlier prediction. It just won`t be for another couple of years. read more

  • Brokerage leads with full-time trainer position by Vernon Clement Jones | 12 Jun 2012

    It’s an added cost many brokerages aren’t prepared to bankroll, but a leading Ontario player is now identifying the benefits of a dedicated trainer for agents teaching soft as well as hard skills. read more

  • Expert to brokers: KYI -- Know Your Investor by Vernon Clement Jones | 12 Jun 2012

    A compliance expert is offering a cautionary note to the growing number of mortgage brokers working with individual investors eager to fund private mortgages: KYI – know your investor. read more

  • Broker: there's an upside to employment downside by Vernon Clement Jones | 11 Jun 2012

    If there’s going to be a silver lining in slower-than-expected job growth, says one leading Toronto broker, it’ll be slower-than-expected rate hikes at the Bank of Canada. read more

  • Declines forecast for B.C. housing market by | 11 Jun 2012

    Home prices and sales in B.C. are forecast to decline in 2012, with a small bounce-back in 2013, according to the province’s real estate association. read more

  • New agents to brokers: We have a bone to pick with you by Vernon Clement Jones | 08 Jun 2012

    Brokerages have largely failed to give young agents the structure, training and mentorship they need to make business for themselves – that criticism from none other than the newcomers themselves, according to research. read more

  • Role for brokers in review of Ont. act. by Vernon Clement Jones | 08 Jun 2012

    It won`t likely be an engraved invitation – or a day in court – but Ontario brokers can expect some opportunity to share their beefs with FSCO during a five-year review of the legislation. read more

  • Housing starts slow in May by | 08 Jun 2012

    Not surprisingly, housing starts cooled in May after a surge in April and are expected to remain lower throughout the rest of the year, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. said Friday. read more