• Mortgage broker course gets low marks by | 11 Sep 2012

    Mortgage broker education in Ontario has devolved to a series of subjects focused on developing administrative proficiency rather than beefing up brokering skills, according to a mortgage professional and instructor for the provincially mandated course. read more

  • MAC team in top 10 of cancer walkathon by Nestor Arellano | 11 Sep 2012

    The Mortgage Alliance MAC Rally of Hope team raised nearly $200,000 making it the 6th largest fundraiser in the recently concluded annual Weekend to End All Women’s Cancer walkathon in Toronto. read more

  • Pre-sales bump up Toronto housing starts by | 11 Sep 2012

    Buoyant pre-sales activity for multi-unit projects primarily in the Greater Toronto Area lifted housing start numbers to 222,900 units for the whole of Canada last month but “moderation” is still expected for the remainder of 2013 and the next year, according to CMHC. read more

  • Brokers want more course providers by Nestor Arellano | 10 Sep 2012

    Mortgage professionals say FSCO should allow a larger number of institutions to provide broker education in Ontario to ensure that learners have a wider range of choice. read more

  • Borrowers still favour Big 5 by MBN | 10 Sep 2012

    Brokers have their work cut out for them, according to a recent poll that suggests the majority of Canadians look to the Big 5 to finance a major real estate investment. read more

  • DLC not worried by PQ victory by Nestor Arellano | 07 Sep 2012

    Who’s afraid of the Parti Quebecois? Certainly not Dominion Lending Centres. In fact, while speculation abounds that the PQ triumph could be bad for business, the broker network is projecting growth for its relatively new operation in the province. read more

  • TD tips its hand on future rates by MBN | 07 Sep 2012

    The slowdown brokers are now grappling with may prove less dramatic than feared, with the chief economist for TD Bank now predicting those new, tighter mortgage rules will slow home sales by as little as five per cent over the rest of 2012. read more

  • Cashbacks here to stay... by Nestor Arellano | 06 Sep 2012

    The clock may be ticking on bank-offered cashback, but the largest credit union in Ontario is now committing to offering 100 per cent financing until its regulator says otherwise. read more

  • Good news for REITS, bad news for brokers by Nestor Arellano | 06 Sep 2012

    The lower interest-rate environment and economic growth in Western Canada should prop up an increasingly iffy real estate market, but not necessarily for brokers, according to a recent report by credit ratings firm DBRS. read more

  • Broker clarifies Toronto Star comment by Nestor Arellano | 05 Sep 2012

    A mortgage professional advising homebuyers to choose brokers doing 100 or more deals a year is now clarifying that comment published in the country`s largest newspaper. read more