• Fed approve Birch Hill's purchase of HOMEQ by Nestor Arellano | 09 Nov 2012

    Brokers are hoping news the $138 million purchase of the country’s largest reverse mortgage provider will lead to new product develop aimed at the mortgage broker channel. read more

  • B.C. brokers challenged by bankruptcy growth by Vernon Clement Jones | 09 Nov 2012

    West Coast brokers may see it as a future opportunity, but for now it’s nothing but a challenge as a growing number of B.C. residents go into bankruptcy, sidelining home-buying dreams in the process. read more

  • Private lenders could jack E&O rates for brokers by Nestor Arellano | 08 Nov 2012

    He’s not discouraging them, but an E&O insurance broker is warning mortgage professionals about the costs associated with their expansion into private lending – a move that could raise their insurance premiums by as much as 90 per cent. read more

  • Don't 'bin' unproductive referral partners, say brokers by Nestor Arellano | 08 Nov 2012

    Brokers tempted to ditch referral partners slow to provide leads in a slowing market should re-think that, caution several industry professionals. read more

  • Readers shaping CMP, by | 08 Nov 2012

    CMP and are taking aim and need your help to do it. read more

  • Dragon Kevin O`Leary is hot for mortgage biz by Nestor Arellano | 07 Nov 2012 has more questions than answers at this point, but many brokers are both intrigued and nervous about reports the fiercest Dragon in the Den is entering the mortgage industry. read more

  • Ottawa ‘Condo Queen’ fined, suspended by Nestor Arellano | 07 Nov 2012

    The censure of a high-profiled Realtor is offering a cautionary note to agents and brokers working with "stringer agents" and operating outside the auspices of a brokerage. read more

  • Brokers defends position on representing private lenders by Nestor Arellano | 07 Nov 2012

    It may go against the grain of many brokers, but one seasoned mortgage professional makes it clear to borrowers that he represents the lender in private deals and not, in fact, them. read more

  • Top 5 tips for turning up leads by Nestor Arellano | 06 Nov 2012

    With reports from all fronts pointing towards a market slowdown, seasoned brokers are offering newbies some of their tried-and-true strategies for turning up leads during a slump. read more

  • HOMEQ promo eliminates closing fee by Nestor Arellano | 06 Nov 2012

    The channel’s leading reverse mortgage provider is sweetening the pot for brokers and their clients by suspending closing fees on its five-year product indefinitely. read more