• The Big Seven? Eight? Nine? by Jamie Farshchi | 11 Jul 2012

    Major Canadian credit unions are putting their weight behind proposed federal legislation that would turn them into federal players and ultimately more important broker partners. read more

  • New "bank" for brokers by Vernon Clement Jones | 10 Jul 2012

    It’s now official, with the newly-minted B2B Bank offering its own branded line of mortgage products through brokers and no longer those labeled "Laurentian." read more

  • Market hits tipping point: Royal Lepage by Caitlin Nobes,CRE | 10 Jul 2012

    The real estate market is at a tipping point, with some areas becoming too expensive for buyers, according to the head of one of the country's largest Realtor networks. read more

  • Road rep: Brokers more hurt by new rules than specialists by Vernon Clement Jones | 09 Jul 2012

    The new mortgage rules are more likely to challenge mortgage brokers than mortgage specialists, says one leading road rep, pointing to greater broker reliance on “marginally qualified A clients.” read more

  • BMO poll: New rules scare off 14% prospective buyers by MBN | 09 Jul 2012

    Nearly 15 per cent of prospective homebuyers say the latest changes make it less likely they will buy a new home in the next five years, according to a new Bank of Montreal poll. read more

  • Sanctions hurt key broker market by Vernon Clement Jones | 09 Jul 2012

    Brokers relying on Canada’s growing Iranian community are in a bind, as most lenders move to make it virtually impossible for immigrants to transfer funds from that sanctioned country. read more

  • Bill promises to re-grow broker channel by Vernon Clement Jones | 06 Jul 2012

    New federal legislation – if passed – could widen the broker channel for mortgage professionals now facing a shrinking number of deep-pocketed lenders. read more

  • Realtors: Condo market 'self-corrected' in June by Vernon Clement Jones | 06 Jul 2012

    First-time buyers in Canada’s largest market had already begun to cool their jets before the government announced mortgage rule changes specifically meant to accomplish the same, according to new stats. read more

  • Small market brokers climb top ranking by MBN | 05 Jul 2012

    Mortgage professionals in smaller markets are increasingly stepping up to be counted in the CMP Top Brokers list. Their funded volumes are challenging mortgage professionals in much larger markets. read more

  • Market slowdown worries brokers, associations by Vernon Clement Jones | 05 Jul 2012

    Brokers are now getting an early sign of what’s to come, as the country’s hottest markets – including Toronto – see June home sales cool, even before the latest mortgage rules kick in. read more