• Market perceptions weigh heavy on brokers by Vernon Clement Jones | 10 Jan 2013

    The perception that now’s just not the time to buy – regardless of low interest rates – may be the biggest hurdle facing brokers this year, suggests new market research. read more

  • AMP satisfaction leads the pack, says survey by Vernon Clement Jones | 09 Jan 2013

    It's usually the most hotly debated finding in CAAMP's annual survey, but that research is once again suggesting consumer satisfaction with AMP-arranged mortgages is higher than the rest. read more

  • Broker: Time to take on an apprentice by Vernon Clement Jones | 08 Jan 2013

    It's an idea whose time has come, says one broker, recommending the kind of one-year apprenticeship he already offers new agents -- tapping not only his experience but his commission. read more

  • Tough times ahead, even for RBC by MBN | 07 Jan 2013

    It may be cold comfort for brokers, but for what it's worth, RBC says its days of double-digit growth in mortgage originations are gone - at least for 2013. read more

  • Manulife and brokers officially partner by | 07 Jan 2013

    Manulife has now completed acquisition of the channel’s largest creditor insurance provider, at the same time restating plans to expand broker business. read more

  • New regs for B.C's MICs and syndicates by Vernon Clement Jones | 07 Jan 2013

    British Columbia is poised to remove exemptions for MIC and syndicate lenders that block implementation of national rules better protecting investors. read more

  • Will employment grow equal rate growth? by Vernon Clement Jones | 04 Jan 2013

    Brokers worried stronger-than expected job numbers for December will spur the Bank of Canada into action may have it wrong, say economists, pointing to an otherwise sluggish economy and the continuing need for rate stimulus. read more

  • A 2013 forecast for brokers by CRE | 03 Jan 2013

    The verdict is in: 2013 may not be a great year for brokers, but it won’t be the worst. read more

  • Broker borrows 'look and feel' of rate sites by Vernon Clement Jones | 03 Jan 2013

    A Toronto broker has taken a page from rate comparison sites, borrowing their look and feel to drive more online shoppers to his own rates -- and no one else's. read more

  • Happy New Year, BFS clients by Vernon Clement Jones | 02 Jan 2013

    Ottawa's move to increase by $50-billion the amount of residential mortgages it will back through Genworth and Canada Guaranty may ultimately accrue to the benefit of alternative clients, suggest some brokers. read more