• Brokers blame buydowns for Scotia chop by Nestor Arellano | 19 Oct 2012

    Buying down rates not only cheapens the value of a broker’s work, but could be directly responsible for any slash to broker compensation, according to one mortgage broker. read more

  • Brokers prepared to lump it, not leave Scotia by Nestor Arellano | 18 Oct 2012

    Most brokers will opt to lump it rather than leave Scotia over its 5-basis point chop, argue some industry veterans, even as others call for a boycott. read more

  • Tough market to grow independent players, says broker by Nestor Arellano | 18 Oct 2012

    With a slowing housing market and lenders slashing compensation, the channel will likely see more brokers opting to go independent rather than work under large broker networks as a way of cutting expenses, according to one mortgage professional. read more

  • Breaking news: Scotia cuts compensation by Vernon Clement Jones | 17 Oct 2012

    Brokers feared this day would come, with Scotia introducing a 5 bps cut to compensation on all its five-year fixed and variable product effective Oct. 18 and following on the heels of First National’s move. read more

  • New agent to new agent: It's not all about the money by | 17 Oct 2012

    It’s a trap seasoned brokers are trying to steer young agents away from, and now one of those newcomers is offering the same warning, pointing to the need for training and support and not just high commission splits. read more

  • Brokers ho-hum about TD rental changes by Nestor Arellano | 17 Oct 2012

    TD's move to raise the LTV ceiling on its rental program goes only so far, say brokers, pointing to rental income calculations that will continue to limit client access. read more

  • FirstLine closure bolsters MCC's appeal by Vernon Clement Jones | 17 Oct 2012

    CIBC’s shutdown of FirstLine appears to have done little to stem the flow of brokers looking to join the the Mortgage Centre, said the network’s president, pointing to an unbroken chain of inquiries. read more

  • BoC eases broker concerns by | 16 Oct 2012

    Brokers may be more scared by new consumer debt numbers than the Bank of Canada, with Mark Carney suggesting the slowing real estate market cancels any immediate need for a rate hike. read more

  • A broker-only 2.98 by Vernon Clement Jones | 16 Oct 2012

    The road reps won't like it. Heck, many brokers may not like it, either! But Mortgage Alliance has now handed its members a 20/20 five-year mortgage at 2.98 per cent; specifically tied to its very successful RightMortgage. read more

  • Lender cutting out road reps? by Vernon Clement Jones | 15 Oct 2012

    It may be a sign of where the big banks are moving, with BMO temporarily resurrecting its infamous 2.99 per cent offer but only for online applications – a move threatening to cut out road reps. read more