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  • Broker frustrated by bidding wars

    Brokers are once again venting their frustration with the discrepancy between appraisal prices and sale prices of homes; though it isn’t the appraisers’ fault, according to one broker.

  • How will CUs fair in CMP's survey?

    It has been a big year for credit unions, with many upping their mortgage services – much to the delight of brokers across the country. But how will they fair in CMP’s annual Brokers on Lenders survey, which allows mortgage professionals to give unfettered feedback on each lender they work with. Click here to take part in the survey today.

  • Free seminar for brokers: Automate your business

    Three mortgage marketing experts will host a free half-day conference to help brokers automate their business to help them become more productive and more successful.

  • Daily Market Update

    Canadians don’t consider home loans to be ‘debt’, especially the younger generation… Winnipeg councillors see audit on real estate deals… A bit of Canada up for sale in Miami... And, coping with the bubble, how the UK’s struggling with conditions similar to ours…

  • Who will be this year's top commercial brokers?

    CMP is now collecting submissions for its annual Top 10 Commercial Mortgage Brokers feature, one that gives these players reason to boast and also places them on the radar of potential clients and referral partners. Click here to participate if you are a commercial mortgage broker in Canada.

  • Brokers on clients' preference for a controversial product

    When it comes to advising clients on controversial mortgage products it’s best to leave the final decision with the client, say two leading mortgage brokers.

  • Will brokers cash in on the optimism?

    Canadians are optimistic about market conditions - can agents capitalize on this window of opportunity and confidence?

  • Daily Market Update

    Flooding is a high priority for homeowners and now there’s overland insurance, but only for a few... Renovations continue to grow thanks to the ‘HGTV effect’... Greener homes held up by red tape... And why neighbourhoods are raising a glass to microbreweries…

  • Broker debate: 100 per cent financing

    Brokers are divided on one product that may be on the chopping block if OSFI B-21 guidelines get the go-ahead following their formal review.

  • Are lenders keeping up with demand for non-prime deals?

    Early results from CMP’s Brokers on lenders Survey point to an upward trend in brokers relying on non-prime deals in the wake of ever-tightening regulations. It isn’t too late to have your say.