• CMP announces iPad winner by Donald Horne | 02 Apr 2013

    And the winner of a new iPad from CMP’s annual Broker Sentiment Poll contest is…. read more

  • B20 to promote ‘uninsured’ securities market, says broker by Donald Horne | 02 Apr 2013

    One broker believes the new B20 guidelines should allow lenders to create a residential mortgage-backed security market entirely focused on uninsured loans. read more

  • Battle back against rate sites, analyst urges by Donald Horne | 02 Apr 2013

    Don’t obsess over the disruptive nature of rate comparison sites, says one industry analyst and speaker for the upcoming Mortgage Summit – instead create your own disruption and make your own waves in the channel. read more

  • Sale of Xceed ‘positive for brokers,’ says CEO by Donald Horne | 01 Apr 2013

    Concerns among brokers that Xceed will go the way of ING and FirstLine following MCAN’s announced takeover can be put to rest, says CEO Michael Jones. read more

  • Take the CMP poll by MBN | 01 Apr 2013

    This week’s broker poll takes a look at appraisals, and just how accessible these documents are to the brokers who depend on them for information, and what - if any - changes in availability have occurred within the industry. read more

  • Brokers disagree with experts on CMHC privatization by Donald Horne | 01 Apr 2013

    As Jim Flaherty continues to make waves in the broker channel, limiting the use of portfolio insurance by mortgage lenders in the 2013 budget, the question of privatizing the CMHC has once again been raised as a means of levelling the lending playing field for mortgage insurance. read more

  • Ord parts ways with Invis/MI by Vernon Clement Jones | 28 Mar 2013

    Invis/Mortgage Intelligence is now confirming the departure of Bob Ord from the CEO position he only just assumed in June. read more

  • 25 years of lending – No Foolin’! by Donald Horne | 28 Mar 2013

    Canada’s largest monoline will mark 25 years in the industry on April 1. read more

  • Brokers want firewall around designated underwriting by Donald Horne | 28 Mar 2013

    RMG’s recent move to a more centralized underwriting service may be a sign of the times, say brokers, but they’re generally more concerned with protecting the designated underwriting service they see as crucial to maintaining efficiency. read more

  • MCAN to buy Xceed Mortgage by Donald Horne | 28 Mar 2013

    A major Canadian portfolio MIC will soon have CMHC origination access, announcing its takeover of Xceed Mortgage yesterday. read more