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  • Forget the market predictions and reports, professional advises

    Industry professionals should ignore the litany of real estate market predictions and reports, even those from leading financial institutions.

  • Daily Market Update

    Stats Canada report shows increase in building permits, especially in BC while Nova Scotia slips back… High end property is booming… Could Chinese investment cause a real estate crash?… And why not everyone is content with construction…

  • Client surprised by collateral charge mortgage requalification

    Collateral charge mortgages are often criticized for the barriers they place on client's ability to port their mortgage but one broker was frustrated when his client was forced to re-qualify with the same lender to access the collateral loan.

  • Lender wait times: Banks vs. monolines

    When it comes to wait times are the monolines truly better than the banks?

  • Retaining clients: 5 key things to avoid

    Getting new clients through the door can be challenging enough, but how do you ensure that those clients will return time and time again?

  • Daily Market Update

    Figures due this week are predicted to indicate the start of the ‘soft landing’… Urban home prices give boost to cottage country… And the harsh winter is still affecting our homes, this time it’s ants!

  • Lender invests in broker network

    One of Canada’s largest lenders has made an equity investment in one of the industry’s major broker networks which, according to the players involved, is a positive sign for the industry as a whole.

  • Far out Friday: The secret confessions of office workers

    If you could make anonymous confessions about your working day, what would you say? A new app called Secret lets people post just such confessions, with hilarious results.

  • What's an investor client to do?

    Mortgages for investment properties are increasingly difficult to find, according to one industry player, who says his clients are forced to face a new reality.

  • Daily Market Update

    ​Toronto Dominion predicts up to 6 per cent rises in house prices by year-end… Overall impact on sales from bad winter should be ‘neglible’ say Conference Board… Vancouver market still growing says credit union… And economy improving according to Stats Canada…