• Ord parts ways with Invis/MI by Vernon Clement Jones | 28 Mar 2013

    Invis/Mortgage Intelligence is now confirming the departure of Bob Ord from the CEO position he only just assumed in June. read more

  • 25 years of lending – No Foolin’! by Donald Horne | 28 Mar 2013

    Canada’s largest monoline will mark 25 years in the industry on April 1. read more

  • Brokers want firewall around designated underwriting by Donald Horne | 28 Mar 2013

    RMG’s recent move to a more centralized underwriting service may be a sign of the times, say brokers, but they’re generally more concerned with protecting the designated underwriting service they see as crucial to maintaining efficiency. read more

  • MCAN to buy Xceed Mortgage by Donald Horne | 28 Mar 2013

    A major Canadian portfolio MIC will soon have CMHC origination access, announcing its takeover of Xceed Mortgage yesterday. read more

  • CMP releases complete list of nominees by MBN | 27 Mar 2013

    CMP magazine is sharing all of candidates for the upcoming Canadian Mortgage Awards, the most exhaustive and representative list in the awards’ celebrated history. read more

  • BMO backtrack to 3.09 “smoke and mirrors” by Donald Horne | 27 Mar 2013

    BMO’s move to withdraw its 2.99 posted rate is no more than “smoke and mirrors,” says one Ottawa mortgage broker, suggesting the bank will continue to offer even lower rates at the branch level. read more

  • Fraudsters getting smarter, better organized by Donald Horne | 27 Mar 2013

    An industry expert is cautioning brokers on smarter, better-organized mortgage fraudsters, more professional than the familiar mom-and-pop operations that once challenged the industry. read more

  • Who will be Employer of Choice for 2013? by MBN | 26 Mar 2013

    CMP magazine is revealing another list of finalists for the upcoming Canadian Mortgage Awards, featuring names as popular as they are professional. read more

  • One way to get a ‘lender-ordered’ appraisal by Donald Horne | 26 Mar 2013

    Having no official access to a client’s appraisal is nothing new for one Atlantic broker, who has nonetheless found a way around that. read more

  • Brokers use Flaherty to promote low rate by Donald Horne | 25 Mar 2013

    With tongue firmly planted in cheek, one brokerage is using a photo of Finance Minister Jim Flaherty to help promote its 2.79 per cent 5-year fixed mortgage with the caption “This rate is too low for the Canadian people.” read more