• Industry vet: Fraudster's sentence hurts brokers by Donald Horne | 08 Mar 2013

    Nova Scotia veteran Richard LeBlanc is upset that a convicted mortgage fraudster has been handed what he terms a slap on the wrist, a lenient sentence that threatens to tar all brokers with the same brush. read more

  • Assoc. prez: Federal regulation won’t 'turn' CUs by Donald Horne | 07 Mar 2013

    Mortgage brokers shouldn’t worry that credit unions opting for federal regulation will morph into big, bad banks, says the head of one industry association. read more

  • Brokers say “Thank you BMO” by Donald Horne | 07 Mar 2013

    BMO’s 2.99 5-year-fixed rate announcement has got people talking and Googling, helping kick start the spring housing market for its competitors; namely, brokers. read more

  • T.O. becomes North America's fourth-largest city by | 06 Mar 2013

    Data issued at a meeting of Toronto's Economic Development Committee may comfort brokers worried about sustainable mortgage demand, with Canada's largest city now overtaking Chicago as North America's fourth largest city. read more

  • MCAP feasts on FirstLine spoils by Donald Horne | 06 Mar 2013

    New volume numbers suggest MCAP was the chief beneficiary of FirstLine’s shutdown. read more

  • Toronto brokers in tough by Vernon Jones | 06 Mar 2013

    Brokers in Canada's largest market now have tangible proof of what they've long suspected, with the local Realtors association reporting a 15 per cent year-on-year decline in home sales for February, even as the average sales price rose 2 per cent over the same year-ago period. read more

  • Trailer fees require accountability by Donald Horne | 05 Mar 2013

    Lenders need to be held accountable for trailer fee commissions, and CAAMP is the body that should do it, says one B.C. broker. read more

  • Big banks are abusing their power by Donald Horne | 05 Mar 2013

    One leading broker is echoing Jim Flaherty’s concerns about bank irresponsibility, following BMO’s announced 2.99 rate on a 5-year-fixed mortgage Saturday, cautioning an abuse of the public trust. read more

  • Broker urges investment over trailer fees by Donald Horne | 04 Mar 2013

    The issue of trailer fees is once again sparking debate among brokers as they look to secure their financial futures in very insecure times. read more

  • Brokers back up rhetoric with business by Donald Horne | 04 Mar 2013

    New market share numbers suggest brokers are backing up their rhetoric about preferring to use monolines over the big banks as never before. read more