• ING transition to Scotia almost complete by Donald Horne | 20 Mar 2013

    With the transition of ING employees to Scotia, many have found employment elsewhere in the industry, despite a goal for 100 per cent placement within the major lender, says the former head of broker sales with ING, Kim Luxton. read more

  • Manulife, the mouse that almost roared by Donald Horne | 20 Mar 2013

    Manulife’s decision to reverse a 20 bps mortgage cut – only after a phone call from the ministry of finance – is drawing criticism from brokers, but also praise. read more

  • Broker a finalist in Kraft Canada hockey by Donald Horne | 19 Mar 2013

    Don Stoddart is always looking for business – but this weekend, he is also looking for votes. read more

  • RBC’s Rate Match no match for brokers? by Donald Horne | 19 Mar 2013

    Brokers are describing RBC’s newly launched Rate Match campaign in less than glowing terms, pointing out the exclusion of monolines as evidence of a broker’s skill at finding the best deal. read more

  • Choosing a broker pays $100,000 by Donald Horne | 19 Mar 2013

    There is poetic justice in a woman winning $100,000 from the brokerage that secured her mortgage from the bank that originally turned her down. read more

  • Search for the best rate stressful, poll reveals by Donald Horne | 18 Mar 2013

    An ING survey suggests 59 per cent of Canadians find negotiating for the best rate the most stressful part of obtaining a mortgage – ironically, results that provide support for the mortgage brokers ING has now left behind. read more

  • CAAMP media crusade continues by Donald Horne | 18 Mar 2013

    CAAMP’s CEO Jim Murphy has taken his crusade for regulatory change to the airwaves and television, beating the drum for an easing of restrictions on first-time homebuyers. read more

  • Bleak 2013, better 2014 predicted for resales by Donald Horne | 18 Mar 2013

    CREA’s resale housing forecast is rather bleak for 2013 – but promises great things for 2014. read more

  • CREA numbers reflect a February slump by Donald Horne | 15 Mar 2013

    The February slump was felt nationwide, as CREA’s February home price index sales numbers edged back down 2.1 per cent compared to January, with actual activity plummeting 15.8 per cent compared to February 2012. read more

  • Low rates, B lenders feed broker success by Donald Horne | 15 Mar 2013

    A faith in rates and a thriving B lender channel is keeping a good slice of the pie available to mortgage brokers, says Joe Walsh. read more