• Another 10-bps elevation by Vernon Clement Jones | 22 Jan 2013

    Yet another channel lender is beefing up its compensation for brokers as the market slows and the race to win ING brokers heats up. read more

  • Here's one way to boost team morale by MBN | 22 Jan 2013

    If a CMA award can lift the profile of even the highest flying brokerage, it may have even more of an effect on its morale, says one of last year’s buoyant winners read more

  • Challenges ahead for commercial brokers by Vernon Clement Jones | 21 Jan 2013

    Residential brokers inclined to envy their commercial counterparts don’t: An increasingly meagre supply of properties will likely translate into fewer deals for them in 2013, outside of the harder-to-come-by new builds. read more

  • Want 10 bps more? by Vernon Clement Jones | 18 Jan 2013

    Brokers sure could use a little good news today, and MCAP -- with an extra 10 basis points in hand -- aims to provide it. read more

  • Ready, set, go, would-be brokers! by Vernon Clement Jones | 18 Jan 2013

    CAAMP will bring revamped broker education to Ontario by the end of February, announcing it has opened registration for the course it now takes over from a competing provider. read more

  • Luxton: We're 'commited' to help workers transition by Vernon Clement Jones | 17 Jan 2013

    ING Direct – and, indeed, Scotia -- is actively working to find placements within the two organizations for workers affected by the coming exit, says an exec now deluged with broker well-wishes. read more

  • Brokers: ING spoils up for grabs by Vernon Clement Jones | 17 Jan 2013

    It’s no dead certainty brokers will divert ING deals to Scotia, in fact, argue some, the spoils could go to monolines able to duplicate the lender’s star offerings. read more

  • ING Direct moving to cease broker originations by Vernon Clement Jones | 16 Jan 2013

    For some brokers, it reads like a "Dear John" letter, but on Wednesday, ING Direct announced it will cease accepting new applications from brokers on Feb. 16, at the same time recommending its new parent company Scotia to mortgage professionals. read more

  • Value declines jeopardize subprime market by Vernon Clement Jones | 16 Jan 2013

    While brokers have their eye on a falling number of sales, in Vancouver they’re now ogling falling prices and the threat they could pose subprime deals. read more

  • 'Pleased' Flaherty meet displeased brokers by Vernon Clement Jones | 16 Jan 2013

    Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says he’s happy increases in home prices have started to slow, but is relatively mute on a much bigger concern for brokers – the falling number of sales. read more