• Brokers win new market-tracking tool by Donald Horne | 26 Feb 2013

    Knowing neighbourhood demographics in detail – from homeowner movement to pricing on the street-by-street level – is a critical advantage for brokers and one a new index aims to provide them. read more

  • IRD calculators gaining popularity by Donald Horne | 25 Feb 2013

    Brokers can warn clients about the pitfalls of IRDs and penalties, but it is a bit like leading a horse to water. read more

  • Lender aims to take the pain out of penalties by Donald Horne | 25 Feb 2013

    It is a familiar story – a client looking to refinance, but facing a prohibitively high penalty. Still, Bruce Schoenne of has a solution, one some brokers may say sounds too good to be true. read more

  • Broker: clients need 24 hours to read fine print by Donald Horne | 25 Feb 2013

    If a home is the biggest purchase clients will ever make, they should at least be given a chance to read the documents they’re asked to sign, says one industry veteran, pegging that interval at 24 hours. read more

  • Brokers as much to blame as banks? by Donald Horne | 22 Feb 2013

    A article detailing one man’s battle with TD over a $17,000 mortgage penalty generated a maelstrom of comments and criticism not only for lenders, but brokers. read more

  • Brokers to FSCO: breathe new life into AIR by Donald Horne | 22 Feb 2013

    Nobody likes homework, and the Annual Information Return can seem very much like it for principal brokers in Ontario, now facing a $1,000 fine if they fail to hand in that assignment before April 1. read more

  • Client uses Twitter to challenge TD mortgage by Donald Horne | 21 Feb 2013

    Before social media, if your clients had a beef with the bank, you basically complained to the lender and they to their friends, and that is where it would end. read more

  • It's the best and worst of times for brokers by Donald Horne | 21 Feb 2013

    It may be a challenging time for brokers, but it's also a good one, say players pointing to lenders dropping rates and networks sweetening the deal for their members. read more

  • Another blow to commissions? by Donald Horne | 21 Feb 2013

    Numbers from Teranet-National Bank show a fifth consecutive month of decline for home prices nationwide -- arguably another blow to broker commissions. read more

  • Hope springs eternal for brokers facing slow winter by Donald Horne | 20 Feb 2013

    New home sales in the GTA are down 8.3 per cent for the first half of February compared to 2012, but brokers are looking ahead to the spring for a rebound. read more