• Broker boom still in the offing by Justin da Rosa | 20 Aug 2013

    He told you so. Nova Scotia’s real estate market was abuzz with speculation after news of a $25 billion shipbuilding contract was announced in late 2011. Brad Compton of Invis, however, warned that brokers and property sellers alike shouldn’t count their real estate boom before it hatches – something echoed in data now pointing to a 9 per cent drop. read more

  • Closing time: Moving the storefront online by Justin da Rosa | 20 Aug 2013

    The storefront is dying as more and more brokers are ditching them in favour of catching eyes online and not on the street. read more

  • Using Twitter to bolster your community... and client base by Justin da Rosa | 20 Aug 2013

    It may be impossible to quantify exactly how much business Twitter drives to a company, but one leading broker – who has organized successful community events through Twitter to bolster his hometown’s economy – believes the social media platform is invaluable for building connections. read more

  • To tweet or not to tweet; for brokers, that is the question by Justin da Rosa | 19 Aug 2013

    He may have over 14,000 Twitter followers, but Jessi Johnson of Verico has scaled back on his Twitter activity – now convinced it's a lackluster business development tool. read more

  • Brokers buoy B lender by Justin da Rosa | 19 Aug 2013

    Equity Financial Trust’s decision to focus on mortgages has been a good move, with the release of its second quarter numbers hinting at the growing popularity of B business in the wake of ever-tightening lending rules. read more

  • Underwriter's background paves the way? by Justin da Rosa | 19 Aug 2013

    Do you know where your dedicated underwriter comes from? It could in fact make a difference, argues one broker pointing to the benefits of dealing with former employee of a mortgage insurer. read more

  • Monolines best banks once again, say brokers by Justin da Rosa | 16 Aug 2013

    While banks increasingly position themselves as the only real solution for new immigrants seeking mortgages, brokers still believe monolines offer the most competitive options for new Canadians. read more

  • Which broker has the most Klout by Justin da Rosa | 16 Aug 2013

    Klout claims to be the standard of measuring a person’s influence in the social media realm and one mortgage broker has used it to create a Top 45 list of broker players leading the pack. read more

  • Brokers to Jim Flaherty: Don't get any ideas... by Justin da Rosa | 15 Aug 2013

    Brokers warn the federal government not to read too much into the July spike in home sales, specifically the 9.4 per cent rise highlighted in the latest Canadian Real Estate Associate (CREA) report. read more

  • A different tack for self-employed clients by Justin da Rosa | 15 Aug 2013

    Brokers continue to vent their frustration over securing mortgages for self-employed clients, but are increasingly directing them to write off less of their income, among other successful strategies. read more