• Poll: Industry reacts to broker-owned bank by Justin da Rosa | 10 Sep 2013

    A poll asking brokers whether they’re more inclined to send a deal to a new “broker-owned bank” than an existing lender partner had a quarter of respondents answering “yes” even before receiving any details. read more

  • Tighter lending rules having a positive effect by Justin da Rosa | 10 Sep 2013

    Brokers may not want to hear it but tighter mortgage lending rules have attributed to a decline in defaults; while CMHC profits climbed according to a press release by the organization published at the end of August. read more

  • Condos in Toronto: Are brokers at a disadvantage? by Justin da Rosa | 10 Sep 2013

    Lenders continue to make it more difficult to obtain mortgages for condominiums in Canada’s biggest market and, unfortunately, brokers may be more disadvantaged than their mortgage specialists. read more

  • Banks call for interest rate hikes by Justin da Rosa | 09 Sep 2013

    Banks and brokers rarely agree, but on this they may: Rick Waugh of the Bank of Nova Scotia suggests there is no housing bubble. However, he also advocates for higher interest rates. read more

  • Speculations confirmed as sales jump in August by Justin da Rosa | 09 Sep 2013

    The numbers are in and they’re confirming speculation that rising rates pushed fence-sitters into the market, with GTA sales alone skyrocketed 21 per cent in August. read more

  • Clients ditch brokers for brokers by Justin da Rosa | 06 Sep 2013

    Are you doing enough to keep your clients from leaving you for a bank? How about for another broker? read more

  • Gord Dahlen takes on a new challenge by Vernon Clement Jones | 06 Sep 2013

    Industry leader Gord Dahlen has moved from his executive position at Dominion Lending Centres, with another channel player now welcoming him into its expanding fold. read more

  • Bond yields spark another round of rate hikes by Justin da Rosa | 06 Sep 2013

    The five-year bond yield hit a four-year high Thursday, rising 4.18 per cent to 2.15 and signalling a coming interest rate hike, report brokers. read more

  • Variable rates still a dice roll, despite rate hold? by Justin da Rosa | 05 Sep 2013

    Some brokers still aren’t completely sold on the idea of variable rates; despite the rising in fixed and the Bank of Canada announcement Wednesday suggesting ARMs may remain at historic lows until 2015. read more

  • OSFI to consult public before making changes by Justin da Rosa | 05 Sep 2013

    OSFI has held off on further tweaks to underwriting rules, but amid speculation that it may soon spring into action, one representative has assured the public – including brokers – will be allowed their say. read more