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  • Are we building too much?

    There are fears in Edmonton that there may be too much supply in the construction sector, especially in commercial property.

  • Australia has the kind of data we could use

    There are many similarities between the housing market in Canada and that of Australia; low interest rates, affordability issues, overvaluation and foreign investment.

  • Canada’s most expensive condo

    Imagine arranging the mortgage on this one, a $33 million condo in the Toronto Trump hotel.

  • Professionals agree on R2O strategy

    ​Careful consulting at the beginning of a rent-to-own deal is key to ensuring underwriting guidelines are met, say brokers and industry professionals.

  • Brokers poised to win bank business?

    Banks may be feeling the pinch just as much as the monolines following numerous lending changes, and this just opens the door for brokers to swoop in and win business, says one professional.

  • Magic moments: The little things that reel in referrals

    It’s the little things that separate top brokers from the rest, says the National Finance Institute’s Peter Heinrich, and going the extra mile doesn’t have to cost you a cent.

  • Banks confident of mortgage growth

    Three of the big six banks have reported their earnings so far and all have shown growth in their mortgage books.

  • Vancouver condos “will never be affordable”

    Housing in Vancouver, including condos “will never be affordable for the majority of potential home buyers” writes Vancouver real estate analyst Fred Schliewinsky in his latest report on the sector.

  • Home builders heading south

    Some of Canada’s biggest construction companies are hedging their bets by developing projects in the US.

  • The peril of late-billed taxes

    In a cautionary tale for homeowners, owners of townhouses in Barrhaven, Ontario have recently been hit by unexpected supplementary tax demands dating back three years.