• Victoria market recovering after a brutal 2012 by Donald Horne | 31 Jul 2013

    Vancouver Island brokers vividly remember the wasteland that was the mortgage landscape in Victoria, following the tightening of the amortization rules in July of 2012 – the summer of damage control. read more

  • Broker hit with compliance order; FSCO warns RBC customers by Donald Horne | 31 Jul 2013

    The Superintendent of Financial Services for FSCO has issued interim compliance and suspension orders against Ralph Iacono and Mortgage Lenders Ltd., and in a separate notice is also warning clients of Royal Bank not to purchase any products from Sentel Insurance. read more

  • Proceeds from Kinsley tribute going to education by Donald Horne | 31 Jul 2013

    CAAMP’s Karen Kinsley Tribute Dinner will be helping further education this year, with the Foundation announcing it will use net proceeds from the dinner to establish scholarships for the next generation of “real estate finance” professionals. read more

  • Reach out before the banks do, urges IMBA president by Donald Horne | 30 Jul 2013

    The numbers don’t lie – banks are aggressively seeking out and capturing clients who are looking to renew their mortgage. read more

  • Will a broker favourite make this year’s lender’s list? by Donald Horne | 30 Jul 2013

    MonCana Bank of Canada has been a broker favourite ever since entering the channel – a popularity that perhaps this year will be reflected in CMP’s Brokers on Lenders survey. read more

  • Listening to brokers key to good lending by Donald Horne | 29 Jul 2013

    Those lenders who are perennially near the top of CMP’s Brokers on Lenders survey maintain their position by listening to and learning from brokers, says one industry veteran. read more

  • Bigger broker networks can compete with the big banks by Donald Horne | 29 Jul 2013

    One broker is hoping that the larger networks forming in the channel will speak loudly and carry a bigger stick – especially to level the playing field against the five big banks. read more

  • Are MICs the canary in the coal mine? by Donald Horne | 26 Jul 2013

    Those involved in MICs should pay close attention to property values – especially if they begin to go into decline, says one industry analyst, who believes investors may be misinterpreting market signals. read more

  • How does Canada's Top Broker do it? by Donald Horne | 26 Jul 2013

    Canada’s top mortgage broker shares a few of his trade secrets on turning those ‘tire kickers’ into loyal, life-long clients. read more

  • What brokers really think about lenders by Donald Horne | 25 Jul 2013

    Lenders looking for the honest opinion of brokers can look forward to the CMP Brokers on Lenders survey, back again by popular demand. And make no mistake lenders do welcome that frank feedback. read more