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  • Opinion divided following one client's mortgage denial

    Opinion seems divided between incredulity and understanding among readers after one broker’s deal was denied by a lender after disclosing his client’s pregnancy.

  • Customized session for online lead chasing

    Brokers are increasingly looking online for leads and this year’s keynote address at The Mortgage Summit will focus on how they can better use the digital sphere to get in front of potential clients.

  • Insurer signs long-term deal with Teranet

    One of Canada’s providers of mortgage default insurance announced Thursday it has signed a long-term agreement that will integrate Teranet’s national Automated Valuation Model data into its underwriting process.

  • Commercial experts give advice

    REMIC is offering a course on commercial mortgage brokering and spoke with two of this year’s top-ten commercial brokers to get their advice for brokers interested in adding this increasingly lucrative business to their practice.

  • Canadians get serious about home ownership

    Buyers are working harder for longer when saving for a down payment and home ownership is still considered financially beneficial, according to a Canada-wide survey commissioned by Genworth Canada.

  • Your body language may be killing your deal

    You’ve got a great product and a convincing argument – so why is the client tuning out and saying no? It could be your body language, says an expert and bestselling author on the subject.

  • Lender denies client because of pregnancy: Broker

    One broker’s application was denied by the lender after he voluntarily disclosed his client's pregnancy.

  • Poll: Do brokers have the 'aptitude' for financial planning?

    There's a global debate brewing on whether mortgage brokers have the "aptitude" to add financial planning to their repertoires – a question doing little to stem the flow of players doing just that.

  • Broker calls for CMHC pre-approvals

    With all the talk about the CMHC potentially instituting risk-based insurance premiums, it’s another crown corporation policy one broker would like to see changed.

  • Brokers to benefit from credit union merger

    Two leading Ontario credit unions announced their amalgamation Friday; a move that will certainly cut into a chunk of big bank business and provide more options for mortgage brokers.