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  • Competition forcing brokers to look elsewhere?

    One leading broker in a niche space has to look outside major markets to find business as competition heats up.

  • BoC Governor's greatest hits

    Governor of the Bank of Canada, Stephen Poloz sure is a colourful fellow; his word acrobatics often incite any number of reactions ranging from giggles, incredulity and – at their best – better understanding. Macleans Magazine recently assembled a list of Poloz’s best metaphors.

  • Economist warns of bubble, but not everywhere

    The chief economist of the Bank of Montreal is showing more caution in the property market, but mainly in two areas.

  • Daily Market Update

    ​Bank economist concerns over some Canadian marketplaces… Three of our cities reach for the stars… Alberta economy set to overtake Quebec… And why some realtors have a lack of vision when it comes to listings…

  • Brokers agree on payment plan

    Strangley enough, brokers are echoing the sentiments of a big bank and warning clients not to follow a recent trend.

  • Broker sticks up for Realtors

    More homebuyers may be choosing to privately sell their own homes but many brokers still believe Realtors provide a safeguard for potential home owners during the buying process.

  • Billionaire calls for three day work week

    One of the world's richest men is proposing a new work structure that would have people work longer, but take more time off throughout their lives. Would the structure work for mortgage brokering?

  • Daily Market Update

    Vancouver builders suffer a permit backlog… Dream homes in Nova Scotia could be the bargain you’re looking for… Neighborhoods without amenities bad news for residents… Toronto rents fall, for now… And Canmore sales surge as confidence returns to Alberta…

  • Will brokers follow the investors?

    In the face of increasing wait times for loan approvals and fearful of missing out on big deals, more investors are switching to the commercial side, opening up an opportunity for brokers to follow.

  • Brokers weigh in on issues facing lenders

    Hundreds of brokers across Canada have already participated in CMP’s Brokers on Lenders poll, airing concerns about lenders but also these key players.