• Broker wins channel national media attention by Justin da Rosa | 03 Sep 2013

    Brokers: You may want to thank one of your own for giving your industry a significant plug in Canada’s largest newspaper. read more

  • Brokers can brag no longer by Justin da Rosa | 03 Sep 2013

    Gone are the days when brokers could truthfully brag about having access to 40 or more lenders, argue some industry vets, suggesting lender losses have whittled down that number considerably – along with the diversity of the product, itself. read more

  • Lender mergers: Good or bad? by Justin da Rosa | 30 Aug 2013

    Brokers are feeling uneasy with the number of mergers taking place in the industry recently, voicing concerns that a shrinking pool of lenders may nullify their competitive advantage. read more

  • Broker: Don't get too excited about arrears rate decline by Justin da Rosa | 30 Aug 2013

    As Canadian arrears rates drop, is it time for the government to back off? Not necessarily, says one leading broker. read more

  • The rise of the variable rate? by Justin da Rosa | 29 Aug 2013

    Fixed or variable? It’s a debate brokers thought they left behind but is now coming up more and more as fixed rates climb and concerns about a Central Bank move fade into the distance. read more

  • Banks continue to frustrate brokers by Justin da Rosa | 29 Aug 2013

    A perennial thorn in the side of every broker, the games that banks play in order to block a broker’s deal are many. So here’s one you may be able to relate to. read more

  • Dispelling the CU myths by Justin da Rosa | 28 Aug 2013

    Increasingly competitive fixed rates at credit unions have brokers debating what if any limitations come hand in hand, especially around the question of whether those mortgages are effectively closed. read more

  • Broker: demolish marijuana grow-op houses by Jamie Henry | 28 Aug 2013

    Brokers across the country are calling for complete disclosure when it comes to former marijuana grow-ops and one industry leader believes any house known to have formerly housed a grow-op should be demolished. read more

  • Mortgage debt keeps climbing by Justin da Rosa | 28 Aug 2013

    New Equifax data suggests that mortgage debt has eclipsed credit cards as the number one driver of household debt. read more

  • Credit unions offer best rates by Justin da Rosa | 27 Aug 2013

    Credit unions are cashing in on the opportunity to snag business from other lenders in the wake of three big banks and one monoline announcing rate increases last week. read more