• REMIC makes MBLAA recommendations by Justin da Rosa | 20 Sep 2013

    The Real Estate and Mortgage Institute of Canada (REMIC) has now delivered the recommendations of a 1,000 brokers to the man responsible for leading the review of Ontario’s MBLAA, with concerns about a potential double-standard high on the list. read more

  • x by Justin da Rosa | 19 Sep 2013

    Syndicated mortgages may still be relatively unknown, but leading player Fortress Real Developments hosted an informational conference Wednesday, focused on filling in the gaps and the opportunities for brokers and investors. read more

  • Poloz hints at removal of low-rate stimulus by Justin da Rosa | 19 Sep 2013

    The country is returning to “natural economic growth,” Stephen Poloz, governor of the Bank of Canada, told a conference at the Vancouver Board and Trade Wednesday, hinting at the eventual removal of low-rate stimulus. read more

  • Mortgage Architects find a way to make conferences fun by MBN | 19 Sep 2013

    Company conferences can be long and drab, but when done right – as was the case at this summer’s Mortgage Architects national conference – they can provide a fun and engaging platform for employees to mingle and learn. read more

  • Flaherty threatens action by Justin da Rosa | 18 Sep 2013

    Finance Minister Jim Flaherty says he will step in to intervene once more if the housing market appears to move toward a bubble. read more

  • CMA's Lifetime Achievement recipient speaks out by Justin da Rosa | 18 Sep 2013

    As the CMA nomination process ramps up for another year, the 2013 recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award admits he was surprised by the distinction while the sponsor of the award itself shares its reasons for backing the honour. read more

  • Broker to meet with MPP to discuss MBLAA by Justin da Rosa | 17 Sep 2013

    Independent broker, Paolo Di Petta, will be meeting with Steven Del Duca, Liberal MPP of Vaughn and the man appointed to oversee the review of the MBLAA, on Thursday to discuss potential changes to the act – and he wants to collect and present broker feedback after a letter sent by CAAMP to the MPP did not represent brokers’ best interests. read more

  • TD snub doesn't surprise brokers by Justin da Rosa | 17 Sep 2013

    Mortgage brokers say they understand why a TD home buying guide advises seeking out a mortgage specialist for expert advice, with no mention of its broker-partners. read more

  • DLC hopes to score with new marketing initiative by Justin da Rosa | 17 Sep 2013

    Want to win $100,000? That’s the message Dominion Lending Centre is sending potential clients as part of their unique marketing initiative: Its NHL hockey pool that is set to commence today. read more

  • Suspended broker maintains innocence by Justin da Rosa | 17 Sep 2013

    A B.C. agent who had his licence suspended for five years after allegedly forging a letter of employment tells he is innocent of any wrongdoing, although he has no plans to reapply for brokering privileges. read more