• OSFI speech: Part 2 by MBN | 26 Nov 2013

    Part two of a two-part series highlighting the salient issues Dickson touched on. read more

  • OSFI head addresses brokers at CAAMP by MBN | 25 Nov 2013

    “Today, I will cover OSFI’s perspectives on the residential mortgage market.” Those are the words that many brokers have been waiting to hear. And on Monday Julie Dickson granted that wish when she addressed the attendees of CAAMP’s mortgage broker forum. read more

  • Canada Guaranty insurance now available through MCAP by MBN | 25 Nov 2013

    Canada Guaranty announced Monday that its mortgage insurance products will now be available through MCAP; adding another selling point to the independent mortgage company’s repertoire. read more

  • Mortgage Brokers Ottawa/City adds to leadership team by MBN | 25 Nov 2013

    Mortgage Brokers Ottawa/City announced Monday that it has hired Anisa Lancione to fill the role of Director – Alternate Lending. The position charges her with leading Advanced Private Lending, the private lending arm and sister company of Mortgage Brokers Ottawa/City. read more

  • Far out Friday: 10 craziest tweets from J.P. Morgan’s Q&A by MBN | 22 Nov 2013

    Brokers who are active on Twitter may get a kick out of this. When a global financial services firm decides to host a “Twitter Q&A” what could possibly go wrong? Quite a lot it seems. read more

  • Brokers react to Poloz by Justin da Rosa | 22 Nov 2013

    In the wake of Stephen Poloz’s announcement that he believes Canada will avoid a housing bubble, brokers may agree but they are still wary of any future interference by Finance Minister Jim Flaherty. read more

  • Poloz: No bubble here by MBN | 22 Nov 2013

    In what may be viewed as a bit of good news for brokers, the Governor of the Bank of Canada, Stephen Poloz, announced Thursday that fears of a housing bubble are unfounded and that the market is expected to achieve a soft landing. read more

  • Canadian housing overvalued by 21 per cent by MBN | 22 Nov 2013

    The Canadian housing market has been deemed overvalued by 21 per cent by Fitch Ratings; though the organization forecasts only a soft landing as opposed to a harsh fall. read more

  • Usual breakdown missing from CAAMP report by Justin da Rosa | 21 Nov 2013

    CAAMP released its fall report earlier this week indicating that brokers have enjoyed an increased market share compared to their banking counterparts; but missing from this year’s survey is the usual breakdown into new originations and renewals. asked the economist behind the report to explain. read more

  • Resurgence of the refi by Vernon Clement Jones | 20 Nov 2013

    The refi may not be dead after all, according to a new consumer report, suggesting more than 10 per cent of homeowners have recently taken out an average of $57,000 in home equity – that despite tougher mortgage rules stymieing broker efforts. read more