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  • Collateral charge mortgages have advantages: Broker

    One broker reiterates the positives of the much-maligned – and increasingly popular -- collateral mortgage product.

  • Network announces unsecured loan offering

    Centum Financial Group announced Tuesday it has struck a deal with easyhome Ltd. that will add unsecured loans to Centum brokers’ product offering.

  • Many brokers plan on hiring freeze

    Many brokers across Canada have decided not to hire new staff for the next 12 months but for some hiring an extra hand may provide the edge needed to grow the business in a particular market.

  • CMHC increase is unfair, say investors

    The new CMHC premium hike for default insurance – coming into effect this Thursday, May 1 – is unfair to those who want to make a profitable business, argues one investor.

  • Investor cautious about Canadian market

    Brokers may disagree but a noted American investor, who won big betting against subprime mortgages in 2007, now seems to be Bearish on Canadian housing, reports a Canadian financial website.

  • CMHC cuts two programs

    The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) announced Friday it is axing two of its insurance programs, signalling to brokers that the era of rule tightening isn’t quite over.

  • Networks to crack down on brokers' side businesses?

    The case of a recently deceased mortgage broker who is accused of committing fraud may trigger a shift among broker networks when it comes to allowing its brokers to operate independent MICs.

  • Broker questions Canadians' preference for fixed rates

    Following a survey that found Canadians prefer fixed-rate mortgages over variable rates, one broker believes consumers may be “misinformed.”

  • Network head teases acquisition

    Profits are shrinking and brokers are paring down their support staff, according to one head whose network is poised to announce a big acquisition in May.

  • B2B Bank joins the alternative lending space

    B2B Bank announced Thursday it has expanded its product offering to include two new alternative lending programs designed for clients who do not fit into traditional income profiles.