• Mortgage debt keeps climbing by Justin da Rosa | 28 Aug 2013

    New Equifax data suggests that mortgage debt has eclipsed credit cards as the number one driver of household debt. read more

  • Credit unions offer best rates by Justin da Rosa | 27 Aug 2013

    Credit unions are cashing in on the opportunity to snag business from other lenders in the wake of three big banks and one monoline announcing rate increases last week. read more

  • Banks can't keep up with demand by Justin da Rosa | 27 Aug 2013

    Brokers say they are experiencing longer than average turnaround times with the banks, suggesting it could be a result of a flooded market due to collective client fears that rates will continue to increase. read more

  • Heritage Financial acquires Verico Boomerang by Justin da Rosa | 26 Aug 2013

    In a statement released Monday, Heritage Financial Group Ltd. announced it has acquired a 50 per cent stake in Verico Boomerang Financial Inc., a Calgary-based mortgage brokerage firm. read more

  • Breaking barriers between brokers and lenders by Justin da Rosa | 26 Aug 2013

    Lenders too frequently favour a “black and white” approach to qualifying clients, complain a growing number of frustrated brokers. read more

  • Monoline changes its preapprovals by Justin da Rosa | 26 Aug 2013

    One leading monoline announced changes to its pre-approval rates last week. read more

  • Catching 'cold clients' on your hook by Justin da Rosa | 23 Aug 2013

    Referral clients reign supreme, with a growing number of industry players now refusing to take cold calls. read more

  • Brokers on dealing with rate hikes by Justin da Rosa | 23 Aug 2013

    TD has now joined the increasing number of lenders pushing up fixed rates – a trend expected to see even seasoned brokers return to chasing down leads but also to deepening their value-add beyond basis points. read more

  • Brokers aren't ready to trust Flaherty by Justin da Rosa | 22 Aug 2013

    A year after he imposed stricter guidelines on the housing market, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced Wednesday that he has no plans to further intervene. The announcement hasn’t provided comfort for mortgage brokers, though. read more

  • Secrets for stealing (clients) from the bank by Justin da Rosa | 22 Aug 2013

    Growing interest rates may ultimately make it harder for brokers to take condo clients away from a rate hold with the bank, but one leading broker is offering his strategy for stealing business away despite that changing market. read more