• More speculation about the overnight rate by MBN | 23 Oct 2013 is weighing in on the divisive overnight rate debate, expecting it to hold at one per cent until well into 2014. read more

  • Brokers: Save 20 per cent on mandatory course by MBN | 22 Oct 2013

    Brokers can save 20 per cent on tuition for REMIC’s upcoming 2014 Mortgage Broker and Agent Continuing Education course by pre-registering before November 1. read more

  • Credit Suisse: Not clear whether housing market will land hard or soft by MBN | 22 Oct 2013

    In its annual Global Wealth Report, Credit Suisse paints a opaque picture of the Canadian financial picture; which it attributes, in large part, to an unclear housing forecast. read more

  • CAAMP announces list of reps by MBN | 22 Oct 2013

    CAAMP recently released its roster of representatives for the upcoming two year term and one elected broker hopes to continue the tradition of giving brokers a national voice. read more

  • One player tries to save your clients money by MBN | 21 Oct 2013

    Though they specialize in townhouses, one industry player is making a recommendation to CMHC that may save your clients 15 per cent on their housing insurance. read more

  • MCC still strong following buyout by MBN | 21 Oct 2013

    Since Dominion Lending Centres acquired control of MCC, the broker network has not lost a single brokerage, according to its CEO, addressing speculation.. read more

  • Calgary brokers may be in for a tough few months by MBN | 21 Oct 2013

    Calgary brokers may have it tougher than their counterparts in other provinces over the coming months, as house prices are being driven up by a lack of inventory. read more

  • B-deals take different skill-set by MBN | 18 Oct 2013

    As lending rules are continually tightened, some brokers may look to diversify their offering by targeting clients who do not fit the typical A-type profile. However, one leading broker in this space believes it takes a whole other skill-set than more traditional deals do. read more

  • New broker doesn't last long as independent by MBN | 18 Oct 2013

    For new mortgage brokers, joining a large broker network may be the way to go – as the connections and guidance can help rookies sharpen their skills in an increasingly competitive industry. read more

  • REMIC asks brokers to sign MBLAA petition by Justin da Rosa | 17 Oct 2013

    An industry player has presented a list of recommendations for the MBLAA review – one of them concerning regulation of bank reps – and he is asking brokers to sign a petition to be presented at the next MBLAA meeting. read more