Latest news

  • OSFI head announced

    New OSFI head lauded for role in Canada's response to the financial crisis.

  • Last week to nominate 'Young Guns'

    If you’re one of the industry’s young up-and-comers who has already made waves (or if you know someone who fits the bill) make sure to get your nominations in for CMP Magazine's inaugural Young Guns issue.

  • Daily Market Update

    Land prices soaring in Calgary….. Toronto city planner calls for strategy on transit and housing …. How the low mortgage rates have boosted demand for real estate …. And how investing in property changed the life of a refugee from Jordan ….

  • Oliver responds to calls for more housing regulation

    Joe Oliver responded to the critics calling for more active participation from the minister in reining in housing industry and cooling mortgage rates.

  • Broker calls for government to change its focus

    Home prices are at an all-time high and mortgage rates are at an all-time low, leading many pundits to wonder what, if anything, the Canadian government will do to rein in the industry. One leading broker has an idea that doesn’t involve regulation changes.

  • CMP publisher earns 2nd PROFIT 500 spot

    For the second year in a row, KMI Publishing and Events – the company behind and CMP Magazine – has earned a spot on the PROFIT 500 list of Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies, overcoming the challenges continuing to confront media.

  • Daily Market Update

    Three of Canada’s biggest financial institutions have released reports; the Bank of Montreal predicts a housing market slump in the next 5 years… the Bank of Canada says any crash would be devastating for the whole economy and the Teranet- National reports price rises in May….

  • Brokers push back against industry trend

    Rate discounting may be a necessity these days but many brokers are pushing back by drawing attention to the added value of advising clients about more than just rate.

  • Brokers debate: How much control should government have over market?

    Following one industry professional’s argument that Finance Minister Joe Oliver should interfere in the mortgage lending industry, two brokers debate the role of government in regulating the housing market.

  • Broker tips for cottage properties

    The cottage real estate market is heating up along with the weather and brokers may be getting more inquiries from clients about purchasing these recreational properties. But are they prepared to answer all the questions?