• Lender expands to Prairies by MBN | 14 Jan 2014

    One lender is making it easier for brokers in Manitoba and Saskatchewan who have resolved to do more trailer fee-driven deals by expanding into the Prairie Provinces in 2014. read more

  • Senator's alleged mortgage fraud offers cautionary note for brokers by MBN | 14 Jan 2014

    Newly released court documents -- alleging a former senator committed mortgage fraud on a home he billed Senate expenses for -- serve as a cautionary tale for brokers. read more

  • 'Broker-owned bank' rebrands itself by MBN | 14 Jan 2014

    The company that some brokers consider the industry’s first “broker-owned bank” has been given a new identity, marking the next step in establishing its brand in Canada. read more

  • A product for contractually employed homebuyers by Justin da Rosa | 13 Jan 2014

    A lender in the UK has established a mortgage product specifically tailored to contract employees, which has Canadian brokers clamouring for something similar here. read more

  • Forecast: no 'aggressive government intervention' this year by MBN | 13 Jan 2014

    It depends how much stock you put in Realtor forecasts, but a new market survey suggests brokers have little to fear from the federal government this year, despite continuing rumour to the contrary. read more

  • Lender jumps into Alt-A lending by Justin da Rosa | 09 Jan 2014

    A key broker lender in the A-space is now saying competition in that realm is part of the reason it has moved to focus on Alt-A lending. read more

  • Far out Friday: Realtor sponsors homeless man by MBN | 09 Jan 2014

    Just before Christmas, Joe Manzaneres, an American Re/Max realtor decided to sponsor a homeless man by paying him to hold up a sign in the hopes of drumming up business. read more

  • FSCO dispute resolutions increasing to 750 monthly by MBN | 09 Jan 2014

    A victim of its own success, the Financial Services Commission of Ontario has increased the monthly assignment of arbitration files to ADR Chambers from 500 to 750 per month, and is actively looking for a new contract with a dispute resolution company. read more

  • Broker gets creative with lead chase by Justin da Rosa | 09 Jan 2014

    Ever-tightening regulations and ever-increasing competition from the banks are forcing the broker industry to get more creative when trying to chase leads and build business; which, for one broker, includes sharing leads with professionals he originally had an aversion to. read more

  • Superbroker leads charity charge by MBN | 09 Jan 2014

    You mortgage brokers sure are a charitable bunch and it’s even easier to give back to the community when your brokerage leads the charge; which is exactly what one superbroker is doing. read more