• Brokers may want to hop on the fastest-growing social media platform by Justin da Rosa | 16 Oct 2013

    Just when you have Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook finally figured out, recent data may convince you to add another social media platform to your marketing repertoire: Pinterest. read more

  • Homebuyers haggling in wake of higher rates by MBN | 16 Oct 2013

    With the release of CREA’s Canadian real estate report on Tuesday, National Bank Financial Markets has released its Teranet - National Bank House Price Index; which posits homebuyers are haggling for better home prices to balance out increased rates. read more

  • Lifestyle survey teaser: Brokers and vacation time by MBN | 15 Oct 2013

    We don’t want to spoil your appetite, so here is just a little taste of what our first-annual Broker Lifestyle Survey is revealing about brokers. read more

  • The broker channel and mixed martial arts? by Justin da Rosa | 15 Oct 2013

    With many conventional advertising methods tapped out, broker channel players are coming up with increasingly creative ways to catch the public eye, although this player’s out-of-the-box thinking KO’s all others. read more

  • CREA: Market to slow by MBN | 15 Oct 2013

    The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) released its monthly sales numbers for all of Canada and, although the market has normalized following a sluggish start to the year, the organization foresees a slowed market in the coming months. read more

  • Self-directed RRSPs: a dying breed? by MBN | 11 Oct 2013

    Banks have pulled back on their willingness to facilitate mortgage investment as part of self-directed RRSPs – a concern for brokers worried about shrinkage in alternative funding. read more

  • Leading brokers discuss loyalty agreements by Justin da Rosa | 11 Oct 2013

    Leading brokers discussed’s latest Big Story at their weekly Canadian Mortgage Hangout and opinions diverged when it comes to loyalty agreements; an issue moderator Jackson Middleton considered “contentious… with a lot of different opinions”. read more

  • Buyers scrambling to re-qualify as pre-builds close by Justin da Rosa | 10 Oct 2013

    Buyers with long-term rate holds on pre-build condos are increasingly scrambling at closing to re-qualify, due to tighter lending rules. read more

  • Experts: Mortgage rates will decline by MBN | 10 Oct 2013

    Brokers and their clients, as reluctant as they may be, may owe tea partiers in the United States a vote of thanks as their antics are expected to lower fixed rates in the short term in Canada. read more

  • Canadian Mortgage Backed Securites: The next big thing? by MBN | 10 Oct 2013

    An increasingly important lender in the broker channel has successfully arranged a Canadian Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS) transaction involving $400 million in commercial financing – marking the largest deal under the program since 2007. But is it also a sign of more and bigger things to come? read more