• UPDATED: Broker points to cancelled preapprovals by Justin da Rosa | 14 Aug 2013

    UPDATED: At least one monoline appears to have cancelled pre-approvals written before the CMHC announcement last week, said one broker, raising concerns that other lenders will follow suit. read more

  • Who would really be the No. 1 broker? by Justin da Rosa | 14 Aug 2013

    Last year’s No.1 on the Top 75 Broker list removed himself from the running this time around but believes, contrary to growing speculation, he would come out on top even if the criteria were altered to focus on profitability. read more

  • Are mortgage brokers approachable? by Justin da Rosa | 14 Aug 2013

    Mortgage brokers are increasingly keen to hang onto their reputation as the “friendliest” financial services experts around, with community involvement still the preferred way to meet that objective. read more

  • Two new names for Brokers on Lenders survey by CMP | 13 Aug 2013

    This year’s Brokers on Lenders survey is poised to reach deeper into the channel than any before, with two key lenders finally garnering enough broker reviews to make it into the final ranking. read more

  • DLC adds new TV spot by | 13 Aug 2013

    Dominion Lending Centres’ new TV spot features young girls talking about what their homes mean to them – a campaign acknowledging the power of women in home financing decisions. read more

  • Has Canada won its first broker-owned bank? by Justin da Rosa | 13 Aug 2013

    With several brokers holding shares in the new parent company of MonCana, many are calling it Canada’s first broker-owned bank – something exciting brokers from one end of the country to the next. read more

  • What if anything could you do? by Justin da Rosa | 12 Aug 2013

    The developer behind the Trump tower in Toronto has yet to close on 201 hotel-suites bought by investors who are unable to secure mortgages. The dilemma begs this question: What could you do for such a client? read more

  • Should brokers thank CMHC? by Justin da Rosa | 12 Aug 2013

    Thanks, CMHC! The latest move by the Crown corporation has pushed a wave of fence-sitters into making purchases today fearing increased rates tomorrow, say brokers. read more

  • Brokers: New MonCana will better the banks by Justin da Rosa | 11 Aug 2013

    Brokers are weighing in on the acquisition of MonCana by Canadian First Financial and while opinions diverge many laud the deal as a way to better compete with the banks. read more

  • You know about rates sites. What about rate apps? by Justin da Rosa | 09 Aug 2013

    Rate shopping made even easier? Comparison site is now offering a mobile app billed as “the answer to your mortgage mobile prayers” and focused on comparing up-to-the-minute bank, broker and credit unions rates. read more