• Advisor proposes reining in CMHC by MBN | 06 Jan 2014

    The president of a macroeconomic advisory agency suggested changes CMHC needs to make to harness its mortgage market influence in 2014, including reinstating the regional mortgage cap; but will mortgage brokers agree with him? read more

  • Broker: Buydowns have greater effect on broker networks by Justin da Rosa | 06 Jan 2014

    Rate buy downs affect broker networks more than they do individual brokers, suggests one leading industry player, and 2014 will foster even more of these types of deals as brokers try to compete in an increasingly competitive environment. read more

  • Brokers beware of young buyers driving Audis by Justin da Rosa | 06 Jan 2014

    Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said on CTV’s Question Period Sunday that he is monitoring the state of the housing market and is willing to intervene in the mortgage default insurance industry again if the need is felt. read more

  • Broker forecast: Banks have advantage in 2014 by Justin da Rosa | 03 Jan 2014

    One leading broker is staring into his crystal ball and forecasting another year of competitive advantage for the bank branch in one or two key areas. read more

  • New thinking on BoC rate hike by MBN | 03 Jan 2014

    Brokers are anticipating a particularly busy 2014 as clients look to move before the Bank of Canada does, although there’s new thinking on the timing of its long-awaited hike in the overnight rate. read more

  • Broker shares wish list for industry in 2014 by Justin da Rosa | 02 Jan 2014

    With a new year upon us, brokers each have a wish list of things they’d like to see happen in the mortgage industry, although one leading player is hoping for as little change as possible. At least in one area. read more

  • Two brokers teach public about financial literacy by MBN | 02 Jan 2014

    A father and daughter mortgage team is giving back to the community by teaching financial literacy to entire families. read more

  • Big things on the horizon for O'Leary Mortgages? by Justin da Rosa | 02 Jan 2014

    O’Leary Mortgages is mum on how the business is faring in the choppy waters of the current market other than to suggest it will make big waves of its own in 2014. read more

  • Broker fears particular rule change by Justin da Rosa | 29 Dec 2013

    Brokers are fearing further mortgage rule changes, especially any that would disrupt the flow of “cheap" but increasingly necessary money into the market. read more

  • Leadership event for female brokers by MBN | 24 Dec 2013

    One industry player has organized an event to help inspire and motivate tomorrow’s female leaders with her second BC Women in Mortgages Leadership Event, set to take place on February 3. read more