• Fixed rates to remain low until 2015 spike by MBN | 10 Feb 2014

    The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation is forecasting fixed-interest rates increases in 2014, though brokers can breathe a sigh of relief as rates are still expected to remain historically low. read more

  • The 'Gordon Gekko' of the mortgage industry? by MBN | 10 Feb 2014

    When your own attorney compares you to Gordon Gekko in court filings, it’s probably not a good sign. read more

  • Are 3D printed homes the future? by MBN | 10 Feb 2014

    Don’t worry: We’re not talking about homes made of Playdo or, even, plaster of Paris. Rather brokers may soon be arranging mortgages for cement houses made entirely by 3D printing. read more

  • Broker calls for insurers to provide flagged properties list by Justin da Rosa | 10 Feb 2014

    One industry player is calling on the mortgage insurers to make a list of red-flagged properties available to mortgage brokers and Realtors, after a deal fell through in the 11th hour. read more

  • TD mortgage clause change by Justin da Rosa | 10 Feb 2014

    One broker said he is getting nowhere in trying to find out why TD has altered the fine print in its VRM contracts for conventional mortgages – specifically around when a spike in LTV triggers demand for a lump-sum payment or a new appraisal. read more

  • Banks' ignorance opens opportunity for monolines by MBN | 10 Feb 2014

    A leading Realtor and developer is frustrated by big banks’ ignorance about -- and unwillingness to provide lending for – an increasingly popular housing option; but perhaps monoline lenders can pick up the slack. read more

  • Millennials more willing to rent? by MBN | 10 Feb 2014

    Traditional thinking among Canadians is that homeownership is favourable to renting; an attitude that has boded well for mortgage brokers who have a large majority of the population looking for mortgages to tap into. But what if attitudes shift and biases toward renting decrease? read more

  • IA to withdraw 2.99 rate today by Justin da Rosa | 07 Feb 2014

    The debate about the 2.99 per cent rate is expected to shift Friday, with learning the lender behind that rate will ditch it by 5 p.m. read more

  • Starts to taper over next two years by MBN | 07 Feb 2014

    Developers are finally poised to slacken their pace, and while that may be good news for markets already swimming in condo construction, brokers may have less to celebrate. read more

  • Two families choose 'mixer mortgage' for co-ownership by Justin da Rosa | 07 Feb 2014

    Two Vancouver families have found an unconventional path to homeownership: Co-ownership. read more