• Mortgages for family members: Not as reliable as once thought? by Jamie Henry | 13 Mar 2014

    New brokers often count on family members to become their first clients but it may not be as reliable a tactic as once thought, according to one industry professional who offers advice on securing these important deals. read more

  • CMP's top independent brokers by CMP | 12 Mar 2014

    CMP is putting its finishing touches on its top independent brokers in Canada feature but before we close this chapter, we want to hear from our readers. read more

  • Broker extolls new model by Justin da Rosa | 12 Mar 2014

    One broker is embracing a new model that he hopes will aid in retention and set him up for retirement; but is he forsaking the proud pillar of the industry: Independence? read more

  • Broker warns potential effects of Ukraine crisis on Canadian housing by Jamie Henry | 12 Mar 2014

    This may give brokers a good excuse to more closely follow world issues, as one broker warns about the potential ramifications the Ukraine crisis may have on the mortgage and housing industries. read more

  • Toronto brokers in for a tough 2014/2015? by Justin da Rosa | 11 Mar 2014

    Toronto brokers may feel the pinch over the course of the next two years, with the GTA’s housing market expected to feel the effects of interest rate increases, according to a TD economic report. read more

  • Broker network at the Oscars by Justin da Rosa | 11 Mar 2014

    One leading broker network placed TV ads during the season’s two biggest events and the numbers of both campaigns are in; suggesting sports fans may continue to represent a market most keen for the message. read more

  • Top 75 and small market Top 20 set to feature new faces by CMP | 10 Mar 2014

    Submissions for CMP’s Top 75 Brokers by Volume issue have been streaming in and early results indicate there will be a few new players featured in the small market top 20. read more

  • Women underrepresented in mortgage industry? by Justin da Rosa | 10 Mar 2014

    More than half of poll participants in a recent BMO Wealth Management survey believe women face a ‘glass ceiling’ in the financial services industry and one broker believes the same applies to mortgage brokers. read more

  • Deceased broker remembered by Jamie Henry | 10 Mar 2014

    The mortgage broker industry has lost one of its own, following the death of Mike McGraw of Dominion Lending Centres who passed away on February 16 at the age of 53. read more

  • Participate in fraud chat; reach 700,000+ people by Justin da Rosa | 07 Mar 2014

    Brokers who are active on Twitter – and those who aren’t yet – have an opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of people by taking part in a fraud chat hosted by FSCO and the Toronto Police Service every Thursday. read more