• Want a mortgage? Don't eat steak... by MBN | 16 May 2014

    Mortgage applicants in the UK are being asked increasingly intrusive questions by lenders including whether they play golf or eat steak, in what has been dubbed ‘Spanish-inquisition’-style interviews. read more

  • Business for self deals are all about relationships by Justin da Rosa | 15 May 2014

    Industry players are frustrated by the lack of options for self-employed clients but the best way to navigate this area, according to one broker, is to assemble a solid stable of a few lenders willing to go the extra mile. read more

  • Monolines surprised by rate; clients curious by Justin da Rosa | 15 May 2014

    Reports of Investor Group’s recent 1.99 per cent three year variable rate “shaking” the industry weren't exaggerated, with lenders being caught off guard and scores of clients inquiring about similar products. read more

  • Soft gains made in April: CREA by Justin da Rosa | 15 May 2014

    Overall, eight provinces saw year-over-year sales drops in April 2014 but big gains in two major softened the blow for the rest of the country. read more

  • CMA Twitter highlights by Jamie Henry | 15 May 2014

    For those who missed the annual Canadian Mortgage Awards, your colleagues have you covered with a comprehensive Twitter recap, using the hashtag #2014CMA – check out some of the evening’s best Tweets. read more

  • Brokers lambast IG offering by Jamie Henry | 14 May 2014

    News broke Tuesday that Investors Group had launched an unprecedented mortgage product but brokers have already poked holes in the offering. read more

  • The end of high ratio refinancing by Justin da Rosa | 14 May 2014

    The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) appears to be conceding the death of its high-ratio refinancing. read more

  • FSCO warns brokers and clients by Justin da Rosa | 14 May 2014

    The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) has issued a warning to consumers and industry professionals that “Norton Capital Lending” is not licensed to issue loans in Ontario. read more

  • Mortgage product re-ignites mortgage wars by Justin da Rosa | 13 May 2014

    Move over BMO’s 2.99 “No Friller” mortgage: A new product – from an unlikely source – is the one making waves in the mortgage industry Tuesday. read more

  • Lender expands to Eastern Canada by Jamie Henry | 13 May 2014

    Brokers in Atlantic Canada may feel like they often get the short end of the stick but one mortgage company is banking on the area's mortgage business to help grow its own assets. read more