• 2.99 per cent lender revealed by MBN | 04 Feb 2014

    The lender providing the latest 2.99 per cent five-year fixed rate has been revealed and the product, no way resembles, BMO’s controversial “no friller” that captured media headlines two years ago. read more

  • Bid to establish broker-run organization ramps up by Justin da Rosa | 04 Feb 2014

    An industry player has ramped up his effort to establish a national broker-run organization in the wake of widespread dissatisfaction with CAAMP’s recent changes to its AMP designation. read more

  • IMF: Additional measures may be needed to cool market by MBN | 04 Feb 2014

    The International Monetary Fund believes Canada’s summer housing boom was a fleeting phenomenon that will likely give way to a more stable market; though it also argues additional measures may be needed, which could include higher down-payment requirements. read more

  • The 2.99 per cent five-year fixed is back by Justin da Rosa | 03 Feb 2014

    The rate that attracted Jim Flaherty’s scorn is back, with at least two mortgage brokers offering a 2.99 per cent five-year fixed rate mortgage. read more

  • Broker: Deals require more planning to protect efficiency ratios by MBN | 03 Feb 2014

    The push to efficiencies has slowed file processing down, with brokers having to more carefully plan and execute each deal before they even begin the paperwork. read more

  • Broker doubts AMP changes are sufficient by MBN | 31 Jan 2014

    Disaffected brokers are now mulling over a seismic change to the AMP designation, although some doubt the plan is enough to bring them back into the fold – even with the promise of an exclusive certification. read more

  • Broker sentiment poll now open by MBN | 31 Jan 2014

    Last year’s Broker Sentimental Poll revealed brokers still relied on traditional word-of-mouth as their primary referral source but with the growing popularity and influence of rate sites, has popular opinion changed a mere year later? read more

  • Referral fee rules to remain untouched according to recommendation by MBN | 30 Jan 2014

    Brokers can expect the Mortgage Brokers, Lenders, and Administrators Act (MBLAA) to continue to permit charging a fee for “simple referrals.” read more

  • Mortgage Summit set for May 8 by MBN | 30 Jan 2014

    Mortgage brokers were queuing up for the Mortgage Summit even before organizers were officially ready to launch it; that launch, however, comes today, with the CMP-powered event expected to attract 600 attendees. read more

  • Brokers' call for bank specialist regulation fails by Justin da Rosa | 29 Jan 2014

    Vehement calls from mortgage brokers for bank specialists to fall under the same regulatory regime have failed to convince Steven Del Duca, whose recommendations for the MBLAA review to Ontario’s Finance Minister called for the exemption to continue. read more