• Brokers to fight over fewer mortgages? by Jamie Henry | 02 Jun 2014

    Housing inventory across Canada continued its declining trend in April 2014, marking four consecutive years of shrinking housing availability. read more

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    In today's market it's all about the banks vs. brokers but younger customers say they are open to considering a third option. read more

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry | 02 Jun 2014

    Despite a rise in inflation and some slow growth figures for the first quarter of the year, interest rates are unlikely to change on Wednesday…. CMHC market share falls…. And why homeowners should protect the title to their properties…. read more

  • Brokers must 'outsmart' banks by Justin da Rosa | 30 May 2014

    The key is to “outsmart” the big banks, according to one broker, following one institution’s ad campaign plugging its lowest five-year fixed rate in recent memory. read more

  • Highlights from CAAMP's report by Jamie Henry | 30 May 2014

    CAAMP released its spring consumer report Thursday, which paints an optimistic picture of the current housing market; especially in the eyes of home buyers. read more

  • Broker doesn't like first-time buyer trend by Justin da Rosa | 30 May 2014

    First-time home buyers are putting off purchasing a principle residence in favour of first buying investment properties in cheaper markets, says one broker; but one of his peers isn’t convinced this is the best move. read more

  • Daily Market Update by | 30 May 2014

    New figures show consumer confidence is creating first time buyers… does an interest rate rise mean falling prices?... the Calgary bidding war…and why BC may not be the place for smokers…. read more

  • Rate war reignited; brokers not intimidated by Justin da Rosa | 29 May 2014

    ScotiaBank is the latest lender to offer a sub-three per cent mortgage rate but one broker doesn’t feel threatened by the latest offering; even though he does realize it will bring in a fair amount of business for the big bank. read more

  • Broker raises issue with RBC's points program by Justin da Rosa | 29 May 2014

    It’s RBC’s points program – and not the recently announced $1,000 cash incentive for realtors who refer clients for a mortgage – that one broker has an issue with. read more

  • Vancouver sellers beginning to fret by Jamie Henry | 29 May 2014

    Vancouver home sellers are beginning to panic that they may be sitting on their luxury properties for a long time. read more