• Networks prepare brokers for anti-spam law by Justin da Rosa | 05 May 2014

    Networks – and at least one broker association -- are stepping up to help their broker partners prepare for the upcoming anti-spam legislation. read more

  • Condos may be shrinking out families by Jamie Henry | 05 May 2014

    A lack of family-friendly condos are being built in Canada’s most populous city could be a problem, reports The Globe and Mail. read more

  • CMHC cuts to lead to privatization? by Jamie Henry | 02 May 2014

    According to a Financial Post source, the CMHC's decision to cut two of its programs moves it one step closer to potentially privatize the crown corporation. read more

  • Brokers feel slighted by CAAMP article by Justin da Rosa | 02 May 2014

    A sponsored feature in the Globe and Mail by CAAMP President and CEO Jim Murphy has divided the industry; with brokers who are not AMP-designated feeling snubbed. read more

  • Last chance for Mortgage Summit tickets by CMP | 02 May 2014

    Sometimes you get to encounter situations where you have a potential deal with a client and you know that it's almost good as sold. But then, the unexpected happens where the client starts to lose interest in the deal, especially if they think they found a better deal somewhere else. How do you deal with these kinds of situations? read more

  • CAAMP CEO extolls benefits of AMP in national paper by Justin da Rosa | 01 May 2014

    CAAMP CEO, Jim Murphy, is using a column in the country’s leading national newspaper to hawk the benefits of using brokers but more specifically – and more controversially – those of AMPs. read more

  • Profits up, claims down for mortgage insurer by Justin da Rosa | 01 May 2014

    First quarter profits are up while claims and defaults are down for one of Canada’s leading mortgage default insurers. read more

  • Homes becoming more affordable: Report by Jamie Henry | 01 May 2014

    Canadian homes became more affordable in first quarter 2014, though affordability is still at a 25-year low, according to Desjardins’ Affordability index. read more

  • Bank bars broker from attaining financing for client by Jamie Henry | 30 Apr 2014

    One broker is frustrated by a major bank’s refusal to allow him to work with any client who had previously inquired about a mortgage at the branch level. read more

  • Poloz expects soft landing by Jamie Henry | 30 Apr 2014

    In his opening statement before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance Tuesday, Governor of the Bank of Canada Stephen Poloz reiterated his belief that Canada’s housing market is set for a soft landing. read more