Latest news

  • Grow-op attains mortgage financing

    One Canadian pot company has attained financing for its newest property, a deal which may signal a sea change in lender thinking about how they treat mortgage funding for legal grow-ups.

  • Alternative financing: Bundle with private funding

    Attaining alternative financing in smaller housing markets can be difficult, according to one leading broker in the space, but there are workarounds that can be done to ensure your client gets the financing he needs.

  • The seven types of followers

    Leadership is not about a ‘with or against’ mentality, but involves a variety of different dealings, writes one expert.

  • Analysts warn house prices can’t keep climbing

    Experts have reiterated that the continued heat in the housing market is unsustainable.

  • Canadians are less optimistic on house prices

    The weekly Bloomberg Nanos Canadian Confidence Index shows that Canadian householders are as cautious as the experts about rising house prices.

  • Rental crisis in BC

    A lack of affordable rental property in British Columbia is at crisis levels according to BC Non-Profit Housing Association.

  • Ontario revenues fall forcing the use of reserves

    With a $12.5 billion deficit Ontario’s government could have done with some good news, but instead the province’s fall economic update showed a $500 million black hole in revenues and slower growth ahead.

  • Lender unveils impressive Q3 results

    The parent company of one of Canada’s major lenders announced its third quarter results – its strongest quarter this year.

  • Canadian home sales still balanced after hike

    The Canadian housing market remains in balanced territory, despite a seven per cent rise in year-over-year home sales in October, according to monthly CREA data.

  • New poll: Alternative lending

    CMP’s December issue will feature the annual alternative lending guide and if more and more brokers relying on an increasing number of alternative deals, we want to know what percentage of your business is made up of Alt-A business.