• Poll results: Brokers convert business on heels of increased competition by Justin da Rosa | 06 Jun 2014

    Opinion among brokers was divided about Investors Group’s recent rate promotion and just how good a deal it was for customers. We wanted cold, hard numbers, though, so we asked our readers how many were able to convert client inquiries into funded deals. Read on for the results. read more

  • Broker applies 80/20 rule to business by Jamie Henry | 06 Jun 2014

    The key to growing your business is to turn away certain clients and focus on a niche. Wait, that doesn’t make sense, does it? According to two industry players it makes all the sense in the world. read more

  • Far out Friday: Richard Branson sends email so offensive his own company blocks it by MBN | 06 Jun 2014

    Is the term ‘bollocks’ vulgar? Bollocks, says Sir Richard Branson. read more

  • Daily Market Update by | 06 Jun 2014

    Housing permit values rise in April, but non-residential numbers are down….. Spring arrives at last for the recreational property market… and why Winnipeg wants to cut down on parking lots….. read more

  • CU offers retroactive 2.99 per cent rate by Justin da Rosa | 05 Jun 2014

    Brokers now have a new arrow in the quiver, with one credit union announcing Thursday its 2.99 per cent five-year fixed rate that can also be applied, retroactively, to deals funded in the past 30 days. read more

  • Major market continues to boom but can it last forever? by Justin da Rosa | 05 Jun 2014

    One of Canada’s hottest housing markets reported another year-over-year sales and price increase in May. read more

  • Beating the banks is worth the fight: Brokers by Jamie Henry | 05 Jun 2014

    Tightened lending regulations have made it tougher to fund deals but brokers are best served to put their noses to grindstone and work harder to find the right mortgage for their clients, according to two players. read more

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry | 05 Jun 2014

    Toronto sees growth in sales of property over $2 million….affordable housing not an issue in Ontario and why Vancouver wants to protect its heritage homes… read more

  • Bank of Canada maintains overnight rate by Jamie Henry | 04 Jun 2014

    The Bank of Canada announced Wednesday it will hold its target for the overnight rate at one per cent, citing an inflation rate that remains below target. read more

  • Banks have A-business cornered? by Justin da Rosa | 04 Jun 2014

    Another big bank has joined the ranks of lenders offering a sub-three per cent five-year fixed rate; signalling the growing importance of alternative lending to the mortgage broker industry, according to one player. read more