• Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry | 08 Aug 2014

    ​Building permit applications increase but mainly for non-residential… Experts say more data is needed to make accurate predictions for the market… And investment manager says we are in a bubble. read more

  • Resales boom in one market by Jamie Henry | 07 Aug 2014

    July 2014 was likely one of the busiest months in recent memory for many brokers in one of Canada’s markets, with the number of resales marking the second best July on record. read more

  • Last chance to join the elite list by MBN | 07 Aug 2014

    Last call for commercial brokers to take part in the feature that has proven to help bolster business. read more

  • The three toughest work conversations by MBN | 07 Aug 2014

    If you’ve been in any sort of managerial role for a while, you’ve had to tackle some tough conversations - and talking about an employee's work ethic or attitude can be among the toughest. read more

  • Daily Market Update by | 07 Aug 2014

    Toronto suburbs see more seven figure prices… Saskatoon listings surge in July… Families demand bigger condos in Vancouver… And commercial real estate developers work closely with tenants as vacancy rates hit highs. read more

  • Major market heats up in 2014 by Jamie Henry | 06 Aug 2014

    Brokers in one of Canada’s hottest markets will continue to enjoy an influx of business, as sales have surged despite the naysayers. read more

  • Brokers, are your clients overleveraging themselves? by Jamie Henry | 06 Aug 2014

    Investors are being fooled by big promises of price appreciation and not looking at where the buying value and cash-flow is. And it’s not going to end well, says one experienced landlord. read more

  • Broker: Positive attitude = positive growth by CMP | 06 Aug 2014

    It can be tough – what with constant rule changes and increased difficulty funding deals – but having a positive attitude will help your business, writes Jake Abramowicz of Mortgage Edge. read more

  • Daily Market Update by | 06 Aug 2014

    Vancouver and Calgary continue to report price rises and sales growth, but Edmonton sees a “seasonal slide”…. Household debt on the rise, especially in the west… And consumer confidence falls for the first time in six months. read more

  • Insurer stat points to healthy market? by Justin da Rosa | 05 Aug 2014

    One of Canada’s leading private insurers unveiled strong second quarter results and, perhaps more interestingly, one statistic that potentially points to a healthy housing market. read more