• Mortgage product re-ignites mortgage wars by Justin da Rosa | 13 May 2014

    Move over BMO’s 2.99 “No Friller” mortgage: A new product – from an unlikely source – is the one making waves in the mortgage industry Tuesday. read more

  • Lender expands to Eastern Canada by Jamie Henry | 13 May 2014

    Brokers in Atlantic Canada may feel like they often get the short end of the stick but one mortgage company is banking on the area's mortgage business to help grow its own assets. read more

  • Brokers enjoy busy spring? by Justin da Rosa | 13 May 2014

    Brokers may have noticed a slight uptick in sales last month – a positive sign following months of decreasing housing activity. read more

  • Brokers aren't convinced by big bank offering by MBN | 13 May 2014

    Brokers aren’t buying what one big bank is selling. But customers may be. read more

  • Bank joins forces with Canadian retailer by Justin da Rosa | 12 May 2014

    Here’s a new incentive that brokers may not be able to compete with: one big bank will offer $500 cash back when customers take out a mortgage. In Canadian Tire money, that is. read more

  • Stability for Spring mortgage rates by Jamie Henry | 12 May 2014

    May will bring flowers - but there's no growth in store for the Canadian cost of borrowing, according to’s monthly panel of mortgage experts. read more

  • Canada’s housing growth ‘sustainable’: BMO by Jamie Henry | 12 May 2014

    When it comes to the question of whether we’re building too many homes in Canada, economists at Bank of Montreal are suggesting everyone should just relax, even in Toronto where condos are popping up like dandelions, reports The Globe and Mail. read more

  • Repeat performances mark Canadian Mortgage Awards by Jamie Henry | 10 May 2014

    The success of the annual CMP Canadian Mortgage Awards roared across Toronto’s Liberty Grand Friday with over 600 attendees recognizing the industry’s top players – among them an unprecedented number of repeat winners. read more

  • Mortgage Summit a big success by Jamie Henry | 09 May 2014

    CMP’s Top 75 were unveiled – for the first time ever – live at the Mortgage Summit in Toronto on Thursday and the event is being heralded, by Vernon Jones, editor of CMP, as a great way to mark broker successes with the appropriate fanfare. read more

  • Far-out Friday: 'Let's face it, we're not changing the world' by MBN | 09 May 2014

    Ever thought the only thing Bill Gates was missing was the odd acid trip? Steve Jobs thought so. Compiled are a list of musings from some of the world's top business minds. read more