• Rate war reignited; brokers not intimidated by Justin da Rosa | 29 May 2014

    ScotiaBank is the latest lender to offer a sub-three per cent mortgage rate but one broker doesn’t feel threatened by the latest offering; even though he does realize it will bring in a fair amount of business for the big bank. read more

  • Broker raises issue with RBC's points program by Justin da Rosa | 29 May 2014

    It’s RBC’s points program – and not the recently announced $1,000 cash incentive for realtors who refer clients for a mortgage – that one broker has an issue with. read more

  • Vancouver sellers beginning to fret by Jamie Henry | 29 May 2014

    Vancouver home sellers are beginning to panic that they may be sitting on their luxury properties for a long time. read more

  • Daily Market Update by | 29 May 2014

    Another shake up in mortgage rates, with a new low in 5 year fixed deals…. Stats Canada reveal 2011 Census data…. And why Toronto developers have rushed to secure building permits…. read more

  • Broker not threatened by big bank incentive by Justin da Rosa | 28 May 2014

    Brokers may view RBC’s newly-minted mortgage incentive program – that offers realtors a bonus for referring first-time home buyers -- as a sign that the broker channel has the bank worried about market share. read more

  • Brokers in major markets in tough? by Justin da Rosa | 28 May 2014

    Mortgage brokers in Toronto and Vancouver may have to start getting more creative with lead generation, with recent stats suggesting affordability in these two markets is eroding. read more

  • Unlicensed broker still soliciting investments by Jamie Henry | 28 May 2014

    The Financial Services Commission of Ontario (FSCO) has issued a warning to consumers not to deal with Joseph Tukacs, as he and his company are not licensed to do mortgage brokering in Ontario. read more

  • Daily Market Update by | 28 May 2014

    As analysts crunch the numbers from this week’s RBC affordability report a star is emerging…. Why the bank is flashing the cash at realtors and why retailers are studying the suburbs…. read more

  • Slower underwriting due to mortgage rule tweaks? by Justin da Rosa | 27 May 2014

    Brokers have experienced a lender backlog and while the reasons vary, many agree it is due to underwriters having to adapt to recent rule changes. read more

  • Reverse mortgage myth debunked? by Jamie Henry | 27 May 2014

    Brokers have their criticisms of reverse mortgages but one of the leading providers of these mortgage products wants to dispel one of the most popular arguments. read more