• Product requires work but is worth it, say brokers by Jamie Henry | 26 Jun 2014

    Purchase plus improvement mortgages are becoming more popular among brokers and although they may require a good deal of work, industry professionals share their tips on getting the deal done. read more

  • B-21 to erode credit union competitive advantage by CMP | 26 Jun 2014

    In a guest blog exclusively for, Daniel Lewczuk of Mortgage Intelligence examines how credit unions -- who heretofore have enjoyed a competitive advantage over banks and monolines -- will be affected by OSFI's B-21 guidelines. read more

  • Home prices spark environmental concern | Rising vacancy rates | Crowd-funding kerfuffle by | 26 Jun 2014

    Environmental impact on house prices, a concern for the Great Lakes...Commercial property sees vacancy rates rise again, but slower…and should real estate be excluded from ‘crowd-funding’? read more

  • Brokers: Opportunity for lenders to embrace insurers by Justin da Rosa | 25 Jun 2014

    A competitive advantage is there for the taking for monoline lenders who are willing to work with Canada’s two private mortgage default insurers -- Genworth and Canada Guaranty, according to two brokers. read more

  • Brokers on Lenders: Opinions diverge by Justin da Rosa | 25 Jun 2014

    Two brokers share their take on how monoline lenders are performing ahead of the seventh annual Brokers on Lenders issue. Have your say today by filling out the survey. read more

  • Are Realtors soon to be obsolete? by Jamie Henry | 25 Jun 2014

    The need for an agent in the selling process is dead. Or so believe many investors who are getting their lawyers to do the hard work. But how do brokers feel about this new trend? read more

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry | 25 Jun 2014

    Recreational property showing improving signs, despite CHMC change….. Economist says it’s too soon to relax on housing bubble…. Calgary’s East Village set to be hot market…. And mixed-use developments may all be very similar, but with good reason…. read more

  • Bank: rate hike looming by Jamie Henry | 24 Jun 2014

    Another major bank has joined the chorus of pundits forecasting a cooling period for Canada’s housing market as well as a hike to record-low mortgage rates. read more

  • Big bank sees error in its ways by Olivia D'Orazio | 24 Jun 2014

    Scotiabank offered its apologies and waived the $7,000 in fees that it applied to an injured soldier who broke his mortgage contract to move back to his home in New Brunswick. read more

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry | 24 Jun 2014

    Another record breaking month for Calgary’s luxury market... Canadian consumer confidence at lowest point in almost a year... Ottawa opens up the mysteries of pre-planning meetings... and Scotiabank do the right thing for military vet. read more