• Daily Market Update by | 18 Aug 2014

    More stats confirm the heat, but a warning from the UK market reminds us of how things can change… Edmonton sees a construction surge, but City Hall struggle to keep up… Big banks set to post healthy profits; good news for mortgage markets …. And a new type of foreign visitor for our biggest cities. read more

  • New poll: How do you vacation in the smart phone age? by Justin da Rosa | 15 Aug 2014

    Let’s face it: cell phones these days are tiny computers that make it almost impossible to leave work behind at the office. We’re connected 24/7, expected to respond almost immediately to every inquiry – even if they are received at midnight or, dare I say, while we’re on vacation. read more

  • Hot summer continues for brokers across Canada by Justin da Rosa | 15 Aug 2014

    According to CREA’s monthly national statistics sales edged up less than one per cent from June to July, continuing a trend begun in spring. read more

  • Condo market to land softly but certain markets in danger by Justin da Rosa | 15 Aug 2014

    ​The Conference Board of Canada is joining the chorus of experts forecasting a soft landing for Canada’s condo market, though the optimism doesn’t extend to some of the more popular cities. read more

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry | 15 Aug 2014

    More stats show house price rise… There’s still more room for growth in the market… Unreliable data affecting policy decisions… US first timers struggle to save down payments… read more

  • How NOT to negotiate by Jamie Henry | 14 Aug 2014

    Weiss identifies three common failings that negotiators make, some of which will come as a surprise even to seasoned veterans. read more

  • Last chance to participate in Brokers on Lenders Survey by CMP | 14 Aug 2014

    CMP’s Brokers on Lenders survey has been extended until Friday, August 15 to allow any tardy brokers to have their say and join the chorus of their peers who have already weighed in on the issues facing their lending partners. read more

  • Former bank employees find new home in broker industry by Justin da Rosa | 14 Aug 2014

    Former bank employees continue to flock to the mortgage broker industry, with the latest defectors finding a new home with Canada’s largest broker network after gaining experience with a rival network for a year. read more

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry | 14 Aug 2014

    CMHC figures support a soft landing… House prices up again in July, except in Winnipeg… Could we be about to see wooden skyscrapers?… And why 45-64 year olds are a ‘sandwich generation’? read more

  • Get interactive: Do you know your cultural profile? by MBN | 13 Aug 2014

    A new test can help avoid cultural misunderstanding holding back your business in Canada’s increasing diverse mortgage industry. read more