• Major RateHub customer might pull support by Justin da Rosa | 18 Jul 2014

    One of RateHub’s largest clients is set to decide today whether it will continue to do business with the popular rate site following the announcement that it is establishing a competing mortgage brokerage. read more

  • RBC: Expect slight price and sales increases through 2014 by Jamie Henry | 18 Jul 2014

    Home prices are expected to see slight gains for the rest of 2014 before dropping slightly next year, according to RBC’s recently released monthly housing market update. read more

  • Are you losing data when you lose staff? by Jamie Henry | 18 Jul 2014

    A study has found some 60 per cent of workers who quit or are made redundant take company information with them when they go, despite knowing full-well their contract forbids it. How can you manage the risk of losing sensitive data -- and potential clients -- when disgruntled staff members leave your organization? read more

  • Daily Market Update by | 18 Jul 2014

    BoC Governor hints that lower rates could be here to stay… RBC still ‘in business’ for US mortgages… Insurance Bureau advises homeowners to shop around for lower premiums… read more

  • Brokers question rate site leads for B-deals by Jamie Henry | 17 Jul 2014

    The industry might soon see B-deals introduced to rate sites but the idea has mortgage brokers questioning how successful a business model it would be. read more

  • Poll: Will you continue to use RateHub's services? by MBN | 17 Jul 2014

    Following the announcement that it will soon open its own brokerage, many brokers said they would cease using the popular rate site to generate leads. Are you among them? read more

  • Big bank turns to lender for underwriting support by Justin da Rosa | 17 Jul 2014

    First National announced Wednesday it has struck a deal with Toronto Dominion (TD) Bank to provide underwriting and fulfillment processing for mortgages originated by the big bank through the mortgage broker channel. read more

  • Daily Market Update by | 17 Jul 2014

    Yesterday’s BoC report comes with some concerns… Saskatchewan realtors have optimism for the province… Sleepy town grows into popular city… and $26 million buys you a house to teardown… read more

  • Eisner eyes legal options by Justin da Rosa | 16 Jul 2014

    One of RateHub's largest broker clients is contemplating legal action against a former employee now tapped to head the rate site’s online brokerage, currently in development. read more

  • BoC holds rate target by Jamie Henry | 16 Jul 2014

    Breaking news … just kidding. The Bank of Canada has, once again, announced it will maintain its target for the overnight rate at one per cent. read more