• Calgary real estate market defies trend by Jamie Henry | 03 Oct 2014

    Normally the Calgary real estate market recedes when times are tough in the energy sector but things are different this time. read more

  • Calgary office market set for growth by Jamie Henry | 03 Oct 2014

    A new report from JLL Canada predicts a boom in Calgary’s office market through to the end of the decade. read more

  • New homebuying app launched by GenWorth by Jamie Henry | 03 Oct 2014

    Recognizing the need for a single tool that provides mortgage professionals on the go with all the information they need to help their clients make sound home-buying decisions, Genworth Canada just released its new app. read more

  • Now open: Broker Lifestyle survey by CMP | 02 Oct 2014

    She drives a 3-series BMW, vacations in Cuba, and had her 25-year mortgage – which was placed with a bank -- paid off in less than a decade. She also owns an investment condo downtown that is rented out to a young professional. Does this sound like the typical broker? read more

  • OSFI plans B-21 official release by Jamie Henry | 02 Oct 2014

    The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) has announced the planned release of the B-21 guidelines and admits there are still vulnerabilities to the mortgage insurance industry. read more

  • Self-awareness: The key to effective leadership? by MBN | 02 Oct 2014

    Self-awareness is an underrated leadership competency, as it underpins the more obvious qualities of a leader, including confidence and strategic thinking. Learning how to master it could consequently be the key to becoming an outstanding leader and inspiring your broking team to hit greater heights. read more

  • Calgary MLS for September near record level by | 02 Oct 2014

    New figures from the Calgary Real Estate Board continue the trend of higher sales. read more

  • PIMCO says Bank of Canada should talk of rate rises by Jamie Henry | 02 Oct 2014

    Fund management firm Pacific Investment Management Co. says that the Bank of Canada should revert to talk of higher interest rates to halt the inflating property market. read more

  • Should older seniors sell up and rent instead? by Jamie Henry | 02 Oct 2014

    If you’ve owned your home for most of your adult life the concept of selling your property and renting may be somewhat hard to grasp but could it be the best option? read more

  • OSFI puts kibosh on bank risk-sharing by Justin da Rosa | 01 Oct 2014

    The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions (OSFI) will not force Canada’s banks to assume more mortgage risk, despite calls from many in the industry for them to do so. read more