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  • Vancouver woman enjoys her $39,000 home

    When local house prices and rents become too unaffordable it can lead people to opt for unconventional solutions.

  • Brokers discuss the future of rates

    In what was described by one broker as “the most significant mortgage interest rate news in ten years,” the BoC’s surprise decision to axe its overnight rate target may have an unexpected effect on one type of mortgage product.

  • Not everyone caught off guard by BoC announcement

    After much talk about the inevitable rise of interest rates, The Bank of Canada shocked many – but not all -- by lowering the overnight rate from one per cent to 0.75 per cent.

  • 7 things you do that tell your client: "I don't care"

    Most of us care about doing our jobs well, and about the relationships we have with clients. But "The Energy Bus" author Jon Gordon says your actions might be sending the opposite message.

  • BoC cuts rate; when will mortgage rates follow?

    Yesterday’s interest rate cut by the Bank of Canada was not widely expected and has not been universally welcomed but it’s certainly got everyone talking.

  • Shadow lenders gaining ground but is it a bad thing?

    While the low interest rates will be good news for many homebuyers for those that are not able to obtain a mortgage through traditional lenders the ‘shadow’ banking sector is an increasingly popular choice.

  • Think Canada’s expensive? Try Venezuela

    Almost anywhere in the world the local population will say that the cost of living is too high but a new ranking shows that Canada is not even in the top 15 most expensive places to live.

  • BoC interest rate change: A surprise?

    For the first time in over four years the Bank of Canada has changed its target for the overnight rate, which may come as a surprise to brokers.

  • Fraudsters get creative

    Brokers have come to expect warnings from FSCO about unethical behaviour in the mortgage industry, but this latest bulletin might just be a first.

  • New website could slash commissions

    A match-making website encouraging Realtors to bid for the right to represent a client is drawing mixed reviews from sales reps – could a similar version soon follow for brokers?