• Daily Market Update by | 12 Aug 2014

    Housing starts up slightly in July… Consumer confidence drops, largely on real estate… Trio of cities jostle for place as Canada’s wealthiest… And the tax efficient way for parents to help their kids buy a home… read more

  • Broker: Lender's products are what matters by Justin da Rosa | 11 Aug 2014

    One leading broker has echoed the same sentiments of some of Canada’s largest broker networks: it is a lender’s products – and not it’s affiliation with one particular network – that will determine broker opinion. read more

  • Permits up and which brokers will benefit? by Jamie Henry | 11 Aug 2014

    Brokers in some surprising markets can expect a business boom in the near future, with $8 billion worth of building permits were issued in June; up 13.5 per cent from May. read more

  • Want to innovate? Stop talking about innovation by MBN | 11 Aug 2014

    A new guide suggests a number of ways to get teams moving – including ditching the word ‘innovation’. read more

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry | 11 Aug 2014

    ​CMHC condo survey reveals levels of investment properties… Cottage market suffering from lack of supply… Analysts await existing sales data… And Canadian households’ net worth increases. read more

  • Lender grows share and earns support across channel by Justin da Rosa | 08 Aug 2014

    A leading lender is enjoying significant growth and support from the broker networks across Canada following its investment in one of those networks. read more

  • Broker turns to politics by MBN | 08 Aug 2014

    Ian Johnston, an independent mortgage broker, is running for Councillor in Newmarket’s Ward 6 and spoke with him about why he decided to run and how his mortgage career has prepared him for politics. read more

  • Far Out Friday: International permission to open the blinds by MBN | 08 Aug 2014

    A decision to centralize business processes has left Scottish employees in the dark – literally. read more

  • Daily Market Update by Jamie Henry | 08 Aug 2014

    ​Building permit applications increase but mainly for non-residential… Experts say more data is needed to make accurate predictions for the market… And investment manager says we are in a bubble. read more

  • Resales boom in one market by Jamie Henry | 07 Aug 2014

    July 2014 was likely one of the busiest months in recent memory for many brokers in one of Canada’s markets, with the number of resales marking the second best July on record. read more