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  • Big bank offers rate prediction

    Brokers may be disappointed if this big bank’s prediction about the rate announcement comes true – but here is why you shouldn’t be

  • What top talent looks for when job hunting

    Education is top-of-mind for those looking for jobs in the mortgage industry – placing learning and personal growth above the lure of the almighty dollar

  • Bank tries to win other lenders’ business

    One big bank’s offer that claims to allow clients to switch their mortgage for free could actually cost thousands, says one industry player

  • Bank predicts BoC rate decision

    This is what the Bank of Canada will do with its overnight rate target at next week’s meeting, according to one big bank

  • Technology drives up client expectations

    New technologies to create and share client files have been a godsend for brokers – but have also heightened client expectations for speedy deals and even speeder replies to their inquiries

  • Develop a smart risk management strategy

    Creating a risk management strategy is a crucial step in preparing your business for unexpected hurdles – and golden opportunities

  • CFF saga continues

    The second suitor to CFF is expressing new determination to press ahead with its bid to acquire control of the bank and to take it public – that despite the approval Home Trust appears to have already won.

  • Bank benefits from monoline partnership

    One big bank credits outsourcing some of its originations process to a broker channel lender as the reason it can offer lightning-quick turnaround and strict credit verification

  • Brokers predict BoC rate

    With yet another Bank of Canada rate decision around the corner, brokers weigh in on what they think – and what they hope – the central bank will do

  • How are spring market predictions holding up?

    Three months ago, Genworth Canada’s CEO had this message for U.S. investors: the housing market sky in Canada isn’t falling. With summer winding down, has that message changed?