• Brokers winning back market share by Justin da Rosa | 11 Jun 2015

    Brokers aren’t ready to give up without a fight, according to new details about mortgage market share released by CAAMP. read more

  • Brokers feeling first effects of B-21 by Justin da Rosa | 11 Jun 2015

    Brokers are reporting slower deal conversions on the B-side as lenders are requiring more documentation in the wake of new regulations. read more

  • Rights offering signals move for future growth by Donald Horne | 11 Jun 2015

    A move by one company to raise capital through a rights offering is a signal that further growth is expected. read more

  • Time management: are you a time saver or a time spender by MBN | 11 Jun 2015

    Your personal time management beliefs may well be contributing to your productivity downfall, but a change in mindset can do wonders for business as well as your stress levels, says Nikki Heald. read more

  • Brokers gaining traction, but banks catching up by Olivia D'Orazio | 10 Jun 2015

    Say it ain’t so – a new CAAMP report suggests bank reps are just as good at converting first time homebuyers into clients. read more

  • Failed condos frustrate industry pros by Jordan Maxwell | 10 Jun 2015

    An aborted condo development for Eastern Canada is highlighting the growing challenge for agents working the lower end of the market. read more

  • AIC partners to deliver French AIC program by Donald Horne | 10 Jun 2015

    The AIC and a Quebec university are partnering to deliver a program to help those working towards their AACI and CRA designations. read more

  • Client communication: digital vs analogue by MBN | 09 Jun 2015

    As blogs, newsletters and videos become normal modes of client communication, financial services professionals are heading into a brave new world of digitization. But while new online communication channels can’t be ignored, old school communications are key to connecting with your customers’ enduringly analogue, emotional hearts. read more

  • Brokers call for more oversight by Justin da Rosa | 09 Jun 2015

    Brokers have been frustrated by too much government oversight in certain areas, but when it comes to this one issue, many believe the government should step in. read more

  • Housing start data revealed by Justin da Rosa | 09 Jun 2015

    Multi-unit starts in three regions paved the way for an increase in overall Canadian housing starts in May, but a slight moderation is also in the offing. read more