Market update

  • BC would use a windfall to pay debt by Steve Randall | 17 Mar 2016

    On St Patrick’ Day, Vancity has published a survey to find out how British Columbians would put a ‘four leaf clover’ of good fortune to use read more

  • Tempers boil over at housing forum by Steve Randall | 17 Mar 2016

    In a demonstration of the impact that Vancouver’s high cost of housing is having on the community, there were angry voices at an emergency housing forum Wednesday read more

  • CMHC considers deductible for mortgage claims by Steve Randall | 16 Mar 2016

    Mortgage lenders may have to pay a deductible to the CMHC for any claims made on loans the agency insures read more

  • BC real estate advisory group sets out its task by Steve Randall | 16 Mar 2016

    Real Estate Council of BC reviews the Council’s handling of licensee misconduct and has released the terms of reference that will guide its examination. read more

  • Is high-rise living a health risk? by Steve Randall | 16 Mar 2016

    People who live in high-rise condos are at greater risk of dying according to a study by medics, published by the Canadian Medical Association Journal read more

  • Conrad Black rents back sold mansion by Steve Randall | 16 Mar 2016

    The Toronto mansion that Conrad Black sold moments before it was due to be auctioned, will remain his home read more

  • Sales Break Record in BC by Steve Randall | 15 Mar 2016

    The number of residential sales in British Columbia surged 44.7 per cent in February with 9,637 units sold through the BCREA’s MLS system read more

  • HPI up 6.5 Percent by Steve Randall | 15 Mar 2016

    Home Price Index from Teranet-National Bank shows a 6.5 percent rise in Feb. with Hamilton and Victoria driving the rise along with Vancouver and Toronto. read more

  • CMHC profits down $7 billion on oil prices by Steve Randall | 15 Mar 2016

    The downturn in oil prices has cost the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation more than $7 billion so far according to the agency’s president and CEO read more

  • Mortgage Rules Heat up Market by Steve Randall | 15 Mar 2016

    The changes to mortgage downpayments which was meant to cool the housing market appears to have had the opposite effect read more