Market Update

  • Canadians using home equity lines of credit

    More Canadians are finding it hard to resist the temptation of borrowing money, as the use of home equity lines of credit increases, consumer groups have warned.

  • Thunder Bay’s housing drops in April

    Housing starts are slowing down for Thunder Bay’s housing market, data from the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. has revealed.

  • Choosing a mortgage lender

    Your mortgage broker will help you choose the best lender from which to get your mortgage, but it’s important to make sure that you are aware of all the details when making your choice.

  • Using a mortgage broker

    Although you could go straight to a bank, and then another bank, and then find you can’t go directly to some of the alternative lenders available – believe us when we say there is a better way: Use a mortgage broker.

  • Saskatoon housing starts down by 80 per cent

    Saskatoon’s housing starts have dropped dramatically to 80 per cent to 116 units in April, the latest monthly housing report by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC) has revealed.

  • Greater Victoria housing starts up

    The Greater Victoria area has seen what analysts believe to be a “full-blown economic recovery” after its housing starts figure for this month jumped almost thrice the number from 2014.

  • Vancouverites demand gov to ban foreign property investors

    Vancouverites have expressed their despair for the lack of action from political leaders over rising housing prices, leading residents to lodge a petition for the restriction of foreign property investments in the area.

  • B.C. best residential property sales in 5 years

    Latest data from the Bank of Montreal’s Blue Book economic outlook, British Columbia is set to lead Canada’s provinces this year, as residential property sales appear to be their best in more than five years.

  • Edmonton’s housing sales drop 13%

    Average sale price jumped for Edmonton’s housing market last month to three per cent, despite the 13 per cent drop in the number of housing sales.

  • Genworth still eyeing Alberta housing market, chief exec says

    Despite its massive losses during the 2008 housing bubble, mortgage insurer Genworth MI Canada Inc.’s newest leader has confirmed that the company is still mulling income opportunities in Alberta.