Market update

  • Millionaire mortgages by Jamie Henry | 10 Jul 2014

    If you have the kind of money that buys you a multi-million dollar home many would be surprised to find you seeking a mortgage. read more

  • Canada’s two-tier housing market by Jamie Henry | 10 Jul 2014

    In our major cities the market is red hot, with demand outstripping supply and sending prices sky high. Elsewhere though it’s generally a different story. read more

  • Local housing data shows little cooling by Jamie Henry | 09 Jul 2014

    While we await next week’s report from the Canadian Real Estate Board for a broad picture of the market, some local boards have already released data that shows little sign of a cooling market. read more

  • Canadians still keen purchasers of US real estate by Jamie Henry | 09 Jul 2014

    As cottage property sales have shown, many Canadians are choosing to buy a second home here rather than across the border but we are still the biggest foreign buyers of US property. read more

  • Small home, no mortgage: the future? by Jamie Henry | 09 Jul 2014

    A former real estate assessor has been showing off his dream home in Rhode Island. He’s got cherry-wood floors, cathedral ceilings and stained-glass windows; the only thing he doesn’t have, is space. read more

  • Housing permit stats show increase by Jamie Henry | 08 Jul 2014

    Canada’s building permits data for May shows an increase in permits issued; up 13.8 per cent from April. read more

  • China could threaten our booming housing market by Jamie Henry | 08 Jul 2014

    Chinese investment in real estate is worth many billions of dollars; the exact amount is hard to assess as many of the loans are from outside the banking system. read more

  • Is this the week it begins to slow down? by Jamie Henry | 07 Jul 2014

    There are two key indicators for the housing market due this week; and predictions are that they will see some cooling after the prolonged hot spell. read more

  • Mortgage fraudster evades jail by Jamie Henry | 07 Jul 2014

    A former mini-home business president from Dartmouth will not be going to jail after being convicted of using fake documents to obtain a mortgage. read more

  • That’s not debt – it’s just my mortgage by | 03 Jul 2014

    Almost half of Canadians believe that they are ‘debt free’ even when they still have a mortgage. read more