Market update

  • Millennials face unaffordable housing prices by 2030 by | 26 Mar 2015

    A detached home in Canada may cost a whopping $2.1m by 2030 if housing prices are left to rise without regulation, a new study by Vancity has warned. read more

  • CREA fears home sales may drop this year by Dane Dandan | 25 Mar 2015

    The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA) predicts Canadian homes sales may drop by 1.1 per cent this year as oil prices decline and affect consumer confidence, particularly for 457,700 provincial units countrywide. read more

  • Yale lecturer warns of housing bubble by | 25 Mar 2015

    A Yale lecturer fears parents borrowing to help their first-time home buying children enter the property market is a risky scenario that may create a potential housing bubble. read more

  • BCREA foresees stable mortgage rates by Dane Dandan | 24 Mar 2015

    The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) has expressed optimism that mortgage rates will remain at their historically low levels for most of this year, including one-year mortgage rates of 2.85%. read more

  • Canadians take on more debt by | 24 Mar 2015

    An economist from the University of Regina believes household debt has become a real concern due to lowered fixed interest rates for mortgages across Canada, which is encouraging more people to take on more debt. read more

  • Harper confident in Ottawa’s housing market by Dane Dandan | 19 Mar 2015

    Prime Minister Stephen Harper has assured that there is no need for additional intervention as Ottawa is “closely watching developments in the still-hot housing market.” read more

  • Canadians take on more debt due to low-rate environment, study says by WM | 19 Mar 2015

    A new report by analysis firm TransUnion has revealed that Canadians have returned to their debt-loving ways last year and the behaviour is expected to prevail as low interest rates emerge. read more

  • Could Your Friend be a Bad Real Estate Agent? by | 18 Mar 2015

    Everyone has a friend with a real estate license, and while you may be tempted to use your friend’s services, it might be better to go with a real estate agent who you don’t have a personal relationship with. Here are five reasons your friend could make a bad agent. read more

  • BMO, TD lowers five-year fixed mortgage rates by WM | 18 Mar 2015

    The Bank of Montreal (BMO) has revealed it has lowered its five-year fixed mortgage rate to 2.79 per cent from 2.99 per cent effective immediately for its customers. read more

  • Expert believes recession may burst Canada’s housing bubble by WM | 18 Mar 2015

    Hilliard MacBeth, a financial adviser and book author, warns the Canadian housing market may moving toward its biggest crash ever thanks to soaring home prices. read more